The Libri Foundation


Grant Application Guidelines

The Libri Foundation is a nationwide non-profit organization which donates new, quality, hardcover children's books to small, rural public libraries in the United States through its BOOKS FOR CHILDREN program.

In 2016 only past grant recipients in good standing are eligible to apply for a Books for Children grant. To see if your library is eligible, check the list of libraries given below.

If your library is listed and you are interested in applying for a grant, please email your name, title, the name of your library, and your mailing address to The Libri Foundation at . Application deadlines for 2016 are: January 15th, March 15th, and May 15th.


A.F. Knotts Public Library, Yankeetown, FL
Abbie Greenleaf Memorial Library, Franconia, NH
Abel J. Morneault Memorial Library, Van Buren, ME
Abernathy Public Library, Abernathy, TX
Ackley Public Library, Ackley, IA
Ada Public Library, Ada, OH
Ada S. Fant Memorial Library, Macon, MS
Adah Burvill Library-Towner Public School, Towner, ND
Adair County Public Library, Kirksville, MO
Adams Center Free Library, Adams Center, NY
Adams County Library, Hettinger, ND
Adams Public Library, Adams, OR
Addie Davis Memorial Library, Mountain View, OK
Adrian School Library, Adrian, OR
Advance Community Library, Advance, MO
Afton Free Library, Afton, NY
Agate School Library, Agate, CO
Agency Public Library, Agency, IA
Agnew Branch Library, Donalds, SC
Aguilar Public Library, Aguilar, CO
Ahira Hall Memorial Library, Brocton, NY
Ainsworth Public Library, Ainsworth, NE
Ainsworth Public Library, Williamstown, VT
Akron Carnegie Public Library, Akron, IN
Akron Public Library, Akron, IA
Akwesasne Library, Hogansburg, NY
Alanson Area Public Library, Alanson, MI
Albany Carnegie Public Library, Albany, MO
Albert City Public Library, Albert City, IA
Albert F. Totman Public Library, Phippsburg, ME
Alberton Branch Library, Alberton, MT
Albion Area Public Library, Albion, PA
Albion Municpal Library, Albion, IA
Albion Public Library, Albion, IL
Alburg Public Library, Alburg, VT
Alcester Public Library, Alcester, SD
Alden Balch Memorial Library, Lunenburg, VT
Aldrich Free Public Library, Moosup, CT
Alexander Elementary School Library, Alexander, ME
Alexander Findley Community Library, Findley Lake, NY
Alexander Memorial Library, Cotulla, TX
Alexander Public Library, Alexander, IA
Alexandria Public Library, Alexandria, SD
Aliceville Public Library, Aliceville, AL
Allan Shivers Public Library, Woodville, TX
Allegany Public Library, Allegany, NY
Alleghany County Public Library, Sparta, NC
Allen County Public Library, Scottsville, KY
Allens Hill Library, Bloomfield, NY
Allison Public Library, Allison, IA
Alma Library, Alma, CO
Alpine County Library, Markleeville, CA
Alpine Public Library, Alpine, AZ
Alpine Public Library, Alpine, TX
Alta Community Library, Alta, IA
Alta Vista Public Library, Alta Vista, IA
Altamont Public Library, Altamont, IL
Altoona Public Library, Altoona, KS
American Falls District Library, American Falls, ID
Amy Stone Cole Library Media Center, West Enfield, ME
Anadarko Community Library, Anadarko, OK
Anamosa Public Library, Anamosa, IA
Anchor Point Public Library, Anchor Point, AK
Anderson Village Library, Anderson, AK
Andes Public Library, Andes, NY
Andover Free Library, Andover, NY
Andrews Public Library, Andrews, NC
Angier Public Library, Angier, NC
Anita Public Library, Anita, IA
Annawan Alba Township Library, Annawan, IL
Annie L. Awbrey Public Library, Roanoke, AL
Anson Public Library, Anson, TX
Anthon Public Library, Anthon, IA
Antlers Public Library, Antlers, OK
Apache Public Library, Apache, OK
Apalachicola Municipal Library, Apalachicola, FL
Aplington Legion Memorial Library, Aplington, IA
Apollo Memorial Library, Apollo, PA
Aquinnah Public Library, Aquinnah, MA
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribal Library, Aquinnah, MA
Arapahoe Public Library, Arapahoe, NE
Argyle Free Library, Argyle, NY
Ariton-Dot Laney Memorial Library, Ariton, AL
Arkansas City Branch Library, Arkansas City, AR
Arlington Public Library, Arlington, IA
Arlington Public Library, Arlington, OR
Arma City Library, Arma, KS
Armstrong Public Library, Armstrong, IA
Artesia Public Library, Artesia, MS
Arthur E. Pomeroy Public Library, Kearny, AZ
Arthur Johnson Memorial Library, Raton, NM
Arthur Mann Memorial Library, West Paris, ME
Arthur Public Library, Arthur, IA
Ashby Free Public Library, Ashby, MA
Ashland City Library, Ashland, KS
Ashland Community Library, Ashland, ME
Ashland Public Library, Ashland, NE
Ashley Public Library District, Ashley, IL
Ashley Public Library, Ashley, ND
Ashton Public Library, Ashton, IA
Ashton Public Library, Ashton, ID
Astoria Public Library District, Astoria, IL
Astoria Public Library, Astoria, IL
Atglen Public Library, Atglen, PA
Athena Public Library, Athena, OR
Atkinson Public Library, Atkinson, NE
Atmore Public Library, Atmore, AL
Attica City Library, Attica, KS
Atwood Public Library, Atwood, KS
Audrey Pack Memorial Library, Spring City, TN
Auld Public Library, Red Cloud, NE
Aurelia Public Library, Aurelia, IA
Aurora Free Library, Aurora, NY
Aurora Public Library, Aurora, IA
Avoca Free Library, Avoca, NY
Avon Public Library, Avon, SD
Avonmore Public Library, Avonmore, PA
Axtell Public Library, Axtell, KS
Axtell Public Library, Axtell, NE
B.E. Strong Memorial Library, Turin, NY
Baca Grande Library, Crestone, CO
Badger Public Library, Badger, IA
Bagley Public Library, Bagley, IA
Bailey Memorial Library, N. Clarendon, VT
Baldwin Cabin Public Library, Datil, NM
Bancroft Public Library, Bancroft, IA
Banks County Public Library, Homer, GA
Barnes Reading Room, Everest, KS
Barnwell County Library, Barnwell, SC
Barrington Public Library, Barrington, NH
Barry Public Library, Barry, IL
Bartley Public Library, Bartley, NE
Barton County Library - Happy & Mary Curless Branch, Lamar, MO
Barton County Library - Hylton Branch, Golden City, MO
Barton Public Library, Barton, VT
Bassett Memorial Library at Wawona, Yosemite National Park, CA
Bath Community Library, Bath, NC
Bath County Memorial Library, Owingsville, KY
Battle Creek Public Library, Battle Creek, IA
Battle Creek Public Library, Battle Creek, NE
Battle Mountain "Newe" Library, Battle Mountain, NV
Baxter Library, Baxter, IA
Bayard Public Library, Bayard, NM
Baylor County Free Library, Seymour, TX
Beaman Community Memorial Library, Beaman, IA
Beatty Library District, Beatty, NV
Beaver City Public Library, Beaver City, NE
Beaver County Pioneer Library, Beaver, OK
Beaver Falls Library, Beaver Falls, NY
Beaver Public Library, Beaver, UT
Becket Athenaeum, Inc., Becket, MA
Belfast Public Library, Belfast, NY
Belgrade Community Library, Belgrade, MT
Belgrade Public Library, Belgrade, ME
Belhaven Public Library, Belhaven, NC
Bell Library, Bell, FL
Bell Memorial Library, Nunda, NY
Bellaire Public Library, Bellaire, MI
Belle Plaine Community Library, Belle Plaine, IA
Belleville Philomathean Free Library, Belleville, NY
Bellevue Public Library, Bellevue, IA
Bellevue Township Library, Bellevue, MI
Belmont Free Library, Belmont, NY
Belmont Public Library, Belmont, NH
Belt Public Library, Belt, MT
Bennett County Library, Martin, SD
Benny Gambaiani Public Library, Shell Rock, IA
Benoit Public Library, Benoit, MS
Bentleyville Public Library, Bentleyville, PA
Benton County Library System, Ashland, MS
Berlin Free Town Library, Berlin, NY
Bern Community Library, Bern, KS
Bernie Public Library, Bernie, MO
Bertha Voyer Memorial Library, Honey Grove, TX
Bertolet Memorial Library District, Leaf River, IL
Bessie Boehm Moore Stone County Library, Mountain View, AR
Bethany Public Library, Bethany, MO
Bethlehem Public Library, Bethlehem, NH
Betsie Valley District Library, Thompsonville, MI
Betty Foster Public Library, Ponder, TX
Beulah Public Library, Beulah, ND
Beulah School Library, Beulah, CO
Bevier C-4 Library, Bevier, MO
Bicknell-Vigo Township Public Library, Bicknell, IN
Big Horn County Library, Basin, WY
Big Sandy Branch of Benton County Library, Big Sandy, TN
Biggs Branch Library, Biggs, CA
Bingham Union Library, Bingham, ME
Birchwood Elementary Library, Birchwood, TN
Bird City Public Library, Bird City, KS
Bison Community Library, Bison, KS
Bison Public Library, Bison, SD
Bixby Memorial Library, Vergennes, VT
Black Bridge Library, Dime Box, TX
Black Canyon City Community Library, Black Canyon City, AZ
Blackfeet Community College Library, Browning, MT
Blackwell C.I.S.D. Library, Blackwell, TX
Blairstown Public Library, Blairstown, IA
Blake Memorial Library, East Corinth, VT
Blakesburg Public Library, Blakesburg, IA
Blanche R. Solomon Memorial Library, Headland, AL
Blanco County South Library District, Blanco, TX
Blandinsville-Hire Library District, Blandinsville, IL
Blessing Library, Blessing, TX
Bleyhl Community Library, Grandview, WA
Bloomfield Public Library, Bloomfield, IA
Bloomfield Public Library, Bloomfield, MO
Bloomfield Public Library, Bloomfield, NE
Bloomfield Public Library, New Bloomfield, PA
Blossburg Memorial Library, Blossburg, PA
Blount Library, Franklinville, NY
Blue Hill Public Library, Blue Hill, NE
Blue Rapids Public Library, Blue Rapids, KS
Blue Ridge Elementary School Library, Warrensville, NC
Blue School Library, Landaff, NH
Bobbie Jean Memorial Library, Imboden, AR
Boise Basin Library District, Idaho City, ID
Bollinger County Library, Marble Hill, MO
Bonaparte Public Library, Bonaparte, IA
Bonaparte Public Library, Bonaparte, IA
Bond Public Library, Wenona, IL
Bonne Terre Memorial Library, Bonne Terre, MO
Bonney Memorial Library, Cornish, ME
Booneville Library, Booneville, AR
Boonville Community Public Library, Boonville, NC
Boscawen Town Library, Boscawen, NH
Boswell Public Library, Boswell, IN
Bottineau County Public Library, Bottineau, ND
Bourbon Public Library, Bourbon, IN
Bowdoinham Public Library, Bowdoinham, ME
Bowman Library, Bowman, GA
Bowman Regional Public Library, Bowman, ND
Boyden Public Library, Boyden, IA
Bradford Public Library District, Bradford, IL
Braintree Elementary School Library, Braintree, VT
Brandywine Community Library, Topton, PA
Brantley Public Library, Brantley, AL
Braselton Library, Braselton, GA
Breda City Hall Library, Breda, IA
Bremen Library, Bremen, ME
Bremond Public Library, Bremond, TX
Brenizer Public Library, Merna, NE
Brewer Public Library, Brewer, ME
Bridge Academy Public Library, Dresden, ME
Bridgeport Branch Library, Bridgeport, CA
Bridgeport Public Library, Bridgeport, NE
Bridgeville Public Library, Bridgeville, DE
Bridgewater Village Library, Bridgewater, VT
Bridgewater-Emery School District Library, Emery, SD
Bridgton Public Library, Bridgton, ME
Briggsdale Community Library, Briggsdale, CO
Bristol Area Library, New Harbor, ME
Bristol Community/School Library, Bristol, SD
Bristol Library, Canandaigua, NY
Britton Public Library, Britton, SD
Britton's Neck Elementary School Library, Britton's Neck, SC
Broadwater Public Library, Broadwater, NE
Brogden Middle School Library, Dudley, NC
Broken Bow Public Library, Broken Bow, NE
Bronson Public Library, Bronson, KS
Brookfield Carnegie Library District, Brookfield, MO
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, IA
Brookport Library, Brookport, IL
Brooks County Public Library, Quitman, GA
Brown Memorial Library, Clinton, ME
Brown Public Library, Northfield, VT
Brownfield Public Library, Brownfield, ME
Brownsville Free Public Library, Brownsville, PA
Bruneau Valley Library, Bruneau, ID
Bruning Public Library, Bruning, NE
Bruun Memorial Library, Humboldt, NE
Bryan-Bennett Library, Salem, IL
Bucklin R-II Library Media Center, Bucklin, MO
Buffalo Public Library, Buffalo, TX
Burchell Campbell Library, Lexington, AL
Burgettstown Community Library, Burgettstown, PA
Burke Central School Library, Lignite, ND
Burlington Public Library, Burlington, WV
Burney Branch Library, Burney, CA
Burnley Memorial Library, Cottonwood Falls, KS
Burnsville Public Library, Burnsville, WV
Burr Oak Township Library, Burr Oak, MI
Burrell Township Library, Black Lick, PA
Burrton Public Library, Burrton, KS
Burt Public Library, Burt, IA
Burton Memorial Library, Clarendon, TX
Bushnell Public Library, Bushnell, FL
Bushnell-Sage Library, Sheffield, MA
Butler Memorial Library, Cambridge, NE
Butler Public Library, Butler, IN
Butler Public Library, Butler, MO
Butte Valley Branch Library, Dorris, CA
Byron G. Merrill Library, Rumney, NH
C.B. Preston Memorial Library, Orleans, NE
C.W. Clark Memorial Library, Oriskany Falls, NY
Cabot Public Library, Cabot, VT
Cairo Public Library, Cairo, IL
Cairo Public Library, Cairo, NY
Calabasas Middle School, Tubac, AZ
Calais Free Library, Calais, ME
Calamus Public Library, Calamus, IA
Calaveras County Library, San Andreas, CA
Caldwell-Lake George Library, Lake George, NY
Caledonia Public Library, Caledonia, MS
Calhoun County Library, Edison, GA
Calhoun County Library, St. Matthews, SC
Calhoun County Public Library, Grantsville, WV
Calhoun Falls Library, Calhoun Falls, SC
Calico Rock Public Library, Calico Rock, AR
Calipatria Meyer Memorial Branch Library, Calipatria, CA
Callender Heritage Library, Callender, IA
Calumet Public-School Library, Calumet, MI
Camarena Memorial Library, Calexico, CA
Camargo Township District Library, Villa Grove, IL
Camas County Public Library, Fairfield, ID
Cambridge City Public Library, Cambridge City, IN
Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge, NY
Cambridge Springs Public Library Assoc., Cambridge Springs, PA
Cameron Parish Library, Cameron, LA
Cameron Public Library, Cameron, MO
Camp Point Public Library District, Camp Point, IL
Canaan Public Library, Canaan, ME
Canaan Public Library, The, Canaan, NY
Canaan Town Library, Canaan, NH
Candler County Library, Metter, GA
Candor Free Library, Candor, NY
Canistota Public School Library, Canistota, SD
Cannelton Public Library, Cannelton, IN
Canones Early Childhood Center Library, Canones, NM
Canton Public Library, Canton, MO
Cantwell Community Library, Cantwell, AK
Cape Vincent Community Library, Cape Vincent, NY
Capitan Public Library, Capitan, NM
Carbondale City Library, Carbondale, KS
Carmi Public Library, Carmi, IL
Carnegie Library of Ballinger, Ballinger, TX
Carnegie Library South Fork Branch, South Fork, CO
Carnegie Public Library, Big Timber, MT
Carnegie Public Library, Carnegie, OK
Carnegie-Schuyler Library, Pana, IL
Caroline Community Library, Slaterville Springs, NY
Carrabassett Valley Public Library, Carrabassett Valley, ME
Carrollton Public Library, Carrollton, AL
Carrollton Public Library, Carrollton, IL
Carrollton Public Library, Carrollton, MO
Carter County Public Library-Olive Hill Branch, Olive Hill, KY
Carterville Public Library, Carterville, IL
Carthage Free Library, Carthage, NY
Carthage-Leake County Library, Carthage, MS
Cartwright Memorial Library, Clayton, OK
Caryville Elementary School Library, Caryville, TN
Caryville Public Library, Caryville, TN
Cascade Public Library, Cascade, ID
Casco Public Library, Casco, ME
Casey Public Library, Casey, IA
Caseyville Public Library District, Caseyville, IL
Casselton Public Library, Casselton, ND
Castle Rock Library, Castle Rock, WA
Castroville Public Library, Castroville, TX
Catahoula Parish Library, Harrisonburg, LA
Cathy Prentice Memorial Library, Kirkland, AZ
Cattaraugus Free Library, Cattaraugus, NY
Cavalier Public Library, Cavalier, ND
Cawker City Public Library, Cawker City, KS
Cedar County Library, Stockton, MO
Cedar Key Public Library, Cedar Key, FL
Cedar Rapids Public Library, Cedar Rapids, NE
Cedar Springs Public Library, Cedar Springs, MI
Cement Public Library, Cement, OK
Centennial Valley Branch Library, Centennial, WY
Center Point Public Library, Center Point, IA
Centerville Center Township Public Library, Centerville, IN
Centerville Community Library, Centerville, SD
Central Square Library, Central Square, NY
Centralia Community Library, Centralia, KS
Chadwick Public Library District, Chadwick, IL
Champlain Memorial Library, Champlain, NY
Chandler Public Library, Chandler, OK
Chappell Memorial Library & Art Gallery, Chappell, NE
Charles & Rose Hylton Library at Spencer-Penn Centre, Spencer, VA
Charles Evans Community Library, Galena, AK
Charlotte County Library, Charlotte Court House, VA
Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library, Lovell, ME
Charlton Public Library, Inc., Folkston, GA
Chartiers-Houston Community Library, Houston, PA
Chase Emerson Memorial Library, Deer Isle, ME
Chelsea Public Library, Chelsea, AL
Chelsea Public Library, Chelsea, OK
Chelsea Public Library, Chelsea, VT
Cheney Library, Hoosick Falls, NY
Cherokee City County Public Library, Cherokee, OK
Cherry Valley Memorial Library, Cherry Valley, NY
Chesaning Public Library, Chesaning, MI
Chester Public Library, Chester, IL
Chesterfield Public Library, Chesterfield, NH
Cheyenne Wells Public Library, Cheyene Wells, CO
Chico Public Library, Inc., Chico, TX
Chiniak Public Library, Chiniak, AK
Choctaw County Public Library, Ackerman, MS
Choctaw County Public Library, Butler, AL
Choteau/Teton Public Library, Choteau, MT
Chouteau County Library, Fort Benton, MT
Chouteau Public Library, Chouteau, OK
Christopher Public Library, Christopher, IL
Churdan Public Library, Churdan, IA
Cimarron City Library, Cimarron, KS
City of Aniak Public Library, Aniak, AK
Claiborne County Library, Tazewell, TN
Clare Public Library, Clare, IA
Claremont Public Library, Claremont, VA
Clarence Cannon Elementary Library, Elsberry, MO
Clark County Free Library, Dubois, ID
Clarks Public Library, Clarks, NE
Clarksburg Town Library, Clarksburg, MA
Clarksville Public Library, Clarksville, IA
Clarksville Public Library, Clarksville, MI
Claude Public Library, Claude, TX
Claverack Free Library, Claverack, NY
Clay Center Carnegie Library, Clay Center, KS
Clay Center Public Library, Clay Center, NE
Clay County Public Library, Celina, TN
Clayton Branch Library, Clayton, LA
Clearfield Public Library, Clearfield, IA
Clearwater Public Library, Clearwater, NE
Clermont Public Library, Clermont, IA
Clifton Branch Library, Clifton, TN
Clifton Community Library, Cranberry Lake, NY
Clifton Forge Public Library, Clifton Forge, VA
Clifton Public Library, Clifton, IL
Clinton County Public Library, Albany, KY
Clymer-French Creek Free Library, Clymer, NY
Coalfield Public Library, Coalfield, TN
Coalmont Public Library, Coalmont, TN
Coast Community Library, Point Arena, CA
Cobleigh Public Library, Lyndonville, VT
Cochiti Lake Community Library, Cochiti Lake, NM
Cocopah Tribal Library, Somerton, AZ
Coffeeville Public Library, Coffeeville, MS
Coffman Cove Community Library, Coffman Cove, AK
Cogswell Free Public Library, Orwell, NY
Cohocton Public Library, Cohocton, NY
Colchester District Library, Colchester, IL
Cold Springs Elementary Library, Bremen, AL
Coleman Area Library, Coleman, MI
Colesburg Public Library, Colesburg, IA
Colfax Public Library, Colfax, IN
Collingsworth Public Library, Wellington, TX
Collins Public Library, Collins, IA
Collinsville Public Library, Collinsville, AL
Collinwood Depot Branch Library, Collinwood, TN
Colo Public Library, Colo, IA
Colon Township Library, Colon, MI
Colorado River Indian Tribes Library/Archives, Parker, AZ
Colton Branch Library, Colton, WA
Colton Hepburn Library, Colton, NY
Columbia City Community Library, Columbia City, OR
Columbia Township Library, Unionville, MI
Columbus Public Library, Columbus, KS
Columbus Village Library, Columbus, NM
Colusa County Library, Colusa, CA
Colville Tribal Library and Resource Centers, Nespelem, WA
Community Library, Lyman, ME
Conant Public Library, Winchester, NH
Concrete Public Library, Concrete, WA
Conejos County Library District, La Jara, CO
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation-Resource Centers, Nespelem, WA
Conrad Public Library, Conrad, MT
Conran Memorial Library, Hayti, MO
Converse Branch Library, Converse, LA
Cook Memorial Library, Tamworth, NH
Coolidge Public Library, Solon, ME
Coon Rapids Public Library, Coon Rapids, IA
Cooperstown Public Library, Cooperstown, PA
Copper Queen Library, Bisbee, AZ
Copper Valley Community Library, Glennallen, AK
Copperopolis Public Library, Copperopolis, CA
Cordele-Crisp Carnegie Library, Cordele, GA
Cordova Public Library, Cordova, AK
Corinth Free Library, Corinth, NY
Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Long Lake Library, Long Lake, NY
Corning Public Library, Corning, IA
Cornwall Free Library, Cornwall, CT
Cortland Library, Cortland, IL
Corunna Public Library, Corunna, MI
Corwith Public Library, Corwith, IA
Cosby Community Library, Cosby, TN
Cottonwood Shores Public Library, Cottonwood Shores, TX
Coudersport Public Library, Coudersport, PA
Coulterville Public Library, Coulterville, IL
Council Valley Free Library, Council, ID
County-City Library, Sweetwater, TX
Courtland Community Library, Courtland, KS
Courtland Volunteer Library, Courtland, CA
Cove City-Craven County Public Library, Cove City, NC
Cove Public Library, Cove, OR
Covington Public Library, Covington, IN
Covington-Veedersburg Public Library, Covington, IN
Cozard Memorial Library, Chamberlain, SD
Craftsbury Public Library, Craftsbury Common, VT
Cragsmoor Free Library, Cragsmoor, NY
Craig County Public Library, New Castle, VA
Craig Public Library, Craig, AK
Craigsville Public Library, Craigsville, WV
Crawford County Library System, Grayling, MI
Crawford County Public Library, English, IN
Crawford County Public Library, Roberta, GA
Crawford Public Library, Crawford, MS
Creighton Public Library, Creighton, NE
Crockett County Public Library, Ozona, TX
Croghan Free Library, Croghan, NY
Croghan Free Library, Croghan, NY
Crooked Tree District Library, Walloon, MI
Cross Plains Public Library, Cross Plains, TX
Crossville Public Library, Crossville, AL
Cumberland County Public Library, Burkesville, KY
Cumston Public Library, Monmouth, ME
Cundy’s Harbor Library, Harpswell, ME
Cunningham Public Library, Cunningham, KS
Curtis Public Library, Curtis, MI
Curtis Township Library, Glennie, MI
Cushing Community and School Library, Cushing, IA
Custer County Library, Custer, SD
Cuttyhunk Public Library, Cuttyhunk, MA
D.A. Hurd Library, North Berwick, ME
D.M. Hunt Library, Falls Village, CT
Dade County Public Library, Trenton, GA
Dadeville Public Library, Dadeville, AL
Dailey Memorial Library, Derby, VT
Dakota Club Library, Eagle Butte, SD
Dallas County Library, Buffalo, MO
Dallas County Library, Fordyce, AR
Dally Memorial Library, Sardis, OH
Danbury Public Library, Danbury, NC
Dandridge Memorial Library, Dandridge, TN
Daniels County Library, Scobey, MT
Dannemora Free Library, Dannemora, NY
Darby Community Public Library, Darby, MT
Davenport Public Library, Davenport, WA
David F. Cargo El Valle de Anton Chico Library, Anton Chico, NM
Davies Memorial Library, Lower Waterford, VT
Daviess County Library, Gallatin, MO
Davis Memorial Library, Limington, ME
Daykin Public Library, Daykin, NE
Dayton Memorial Library, Dayton, WA
Dayton Public Library, Dayton, IA
De Soto Trail Regional Library, Camilla, GA
Decatur Public Library, Decatur, MS
Deckerville Public Library, Deckerville, MI
Deer Creek District Library, Deer Creek, IL
DeKalb Public Library, DeKalb, MS
Del Norte County Public Library District, Crescent City, CA
Del Norte Public Library, Del Norte, CO
Delaware Township Library, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Delaware Tribe of Indians, Bartlesville, OK
Delevan-Yorkshire Public Library, Delevan, NY
Delhi Public Library, Delhi, IA
Della Mae Baylor Public Library, Odem, TX
Delphos Public Library, Delphos, KS
Delta Public Library, Delta, CO
Deltaville Branch Library, Deltaville, VA
DeMary Memorial Public Library, Rupert, ID
Denmark Public Library, Denmark, ME
Denny Ashby Library, Pomeroy, WA
Denton Public Library, Denton, MT
Deposit Free Library, Deposit, NY
Depot Public Library, Throckmorton, TX
Dermott O'Toole Memorial Library, Tenakee Springs, AK
Descanso Library, Descanso, CA
Deshler Public Library, Deshler, NE
Deweyville Public Library, Deweyville, TX
Dexter Public Library, Dexter, IA
Dickens County-Spur Public Library, Spur, TX
Dickinson Memorial Library, Northfield, MA
Dierks Library, Dierks, AR
Dilcon School Library, Winslow, AZ
Dillingham Public Library, Dillingham, AK
Dillon City Library, Dillon, MT
Dillon County Library, Dillon, SC
Dimmit County Public Library, Carrizo Springs, TX
Diver Library, Schaghticoke, NY
Divide County Library, Crosby, ND
Dixie County Public Library, Cross City, FL
Dixon Township Library, Argonia, KS
Dolgeville - Manheim Public Library, Dolgeville, NY
Dongola Public Library District, Dongola, IL
Doniphan/Ripley County Library, Doniphan, MO
Donnelly Community Library, Donnelly, ID
Doon Public Library, Doon, IA
Dora Public Library, Dora, OR
Dorcas Library, Prospect Harbor, ME
Doris Stanley Memorial Library, Moody, AL
Dorothee Pike Memorial Library, Lake Preston, SD
Douglas Community Library, Douglas, NE
Douglas County Public Library, Ava, MO
Douglas Library, North Canaan, CT
Douglass Public Library, Douglass, KS
Dowling Public Library, Hastings, MI
Down East Library, Smyrna, NC
Dows Community Library, Dows, IA
Dr. & Mrs. J.F. Adams Memorial Library, Woodbury, TN
Dr. Grace O. Doane Alden Public Library, Alden, IA
Dr. John Woodenlegs Memorial Library, Lame Deer, MT
Driftwood Public Library, Lynn, AR
Drummond School Community Library, Drummond, MT
Drumright Public Library, Drumright, OK
Du Bois Public Library, Du Bois, PA
Duchesne County Library, Roosevelt, UT
Duck Hill Public Library, Duck Hill, MS
Dulac Community Center, Dulac, LA
Dumas Branch Library, Dumas, AR
Dummer Public Library, Dummer, NH
Duncan Public Library, Duncan, AZ
Dundee Library, Dundee, NY
Dundee Public Library, Dundee, FL
Dunkirk City Public Library, Dunkirk, IN
Dunlap Public Library, Dunlap, IA
Dunseith Public School Library, Dunseith, ND
Durant Public Library, Durant, MS
Dutton Community Library, Dutton, AL
Dutton Public Library, Dutton, MT
Dutton S. Peterson Memorial Library, Odessa, NY
E.J. Cottrell Memorial Library, Atlanta, NY
E.M. Cooper Memorial Public Library, Wilmington, NY
Eagle Mountain Public Library, Eagle Mountain, UT
Eagle Public Library, Eagle City, AK
Earl Park Public Library, Earl Park, IN
Earl Township Public Library, Earlville, IL
Earlham Public Library, Earlham, IA
Earlville Free Library, Earlville, NY
East Blue Hill Library, East Blue Hill, ME
East Cheyenne County Library, Cheyenne Wells, CO
East Hounsfield Library, Watertown, NY
East Morgan County Library District, Brush, CO
Eastern Owyhee County Library, Grand View, ID
Eastern Shasta County Regional Library, Burney, CA
Eastern Township Library, Crofton, NE
Easton Library, Greenwich, NY
Eccles-Lesher Memorial Library, Rimersburg, PA
ECCRC Dexter Library, Dexter, KS
Echo Public Library, Echo, OR
Eddyville Public Library, Eddyville, IA
Eden Public Library, Eden, TX
Edgeley Public Library, Edgeley, ND
Edgemont Library, Edgemont, SD
Edgewood Community Library, Edgewood, NM
Edisto Beach Library, Edisto Island, SC
Edith B. Ford Memorial Library, Ovid, NY
Edna Bentley Memorial Library, Perry, MI
Edna Public Library, Edna, KS
Edna Zybell Memorial Library, Clarence, IA
Edwall Public Library, Edwall, WA
Effingham Community Library, Effingham, KS
Effingham Public Library, Effingham, NH
Ekalaka Public Library, Ekalaka, MT
El Dorado Springs Branch Library, El Dorado Springs, MO
El Portal Branch Library, El Portal, CA
El Rito Public Library, El Rito, NM
Elbert County Library, Kiowa, CO
Elbert School Library, Elbert, CO
Eldon Public Library, Eldon, IA
Elgin Public Library, Elgin, ND
Elgin Public Library, Elgin, NE
Elgin Public Library, Elgin, OR
Elgin Public Library, Elgin, TX
Elizabeth Branch of The Elbert County Library, Elizabeth, CO
Elizabeth Carpenter Public Library of New Hope, New Hope, AL
Elk City School and Community Library, Elk City, ID
Elk Horn Public Library, Elk Horn, IA
Elk Point-Jefferson Community/School Library, Elk Point, SD
Elkhart Public Library District, Elkhart, IL
Elkland Area Community Library, Elkland, PA
Elkton School/Community Library, Elkton, SD
Ellenburg Sarah A. Munsil Free Library, Ellenburg Depot, NY
Ellendale Public Library, Ellendale, ND
Ellinwood Community Library, Ellinwood, KS
Elliott County Public Library, Sandy Hook, KY
Elliott Public Library, Elliott, IA
Elm Creek Township Library, Wilsey, KS
Elma Public Library, Elma, IA
Elmer P & Jewel Ward Memorial Library, Centerville, TX
Elmwood Public Library, Elmwood, NE
Ely Shoshone Library, Ely, NV
Embudo Valley Library & Community Center, Dixon, NM
Emerson Public Library, Emerson, NE
Emery School Library, Emery, SD
Emily Jones Pointer Public Library, Como, MS
Emma Burnham Library, Frederick, SD
Enderlin Memorial Library, Enderlin, ND
Endicott Library, Endicott, WA
Engadine Library, Engadine, MI
Enterprise Public Library, Enterprise, OR
Epsom Public Library, Epsom, NH
Erath Branch Library, Erath, LA
Erie City Public Library, Erie, KS
Errol Public Library, Errol, NH
Essential Club Free Library, Canaseraga, NY
Essex Public Library, Essex, IA
Essex Public Library, Tappahannock, VA
Esther Greenwald Library, Hoonah, AK
Etna Branch Library, Etna, CA
Eufaula Memorial Library, Eufaula, OK
Eula & David Wintermann Library, Eagle Lake, TX
Eureka Branch Library, Eureka, MT
Eustis Public Library, Eutis, NE
Eva Public Library, Eva, AL
Evans County Public Library, Claxton, GA
Evans Public Library, Vandalia, IL
Evansville Public Library, Evansville, IL
Evening Shade Library, Evening Shade, AR
Everett Free Library, Everett, PA
Ewing Township Library, Ewing, NE
Exira Public Library, Exira, IA
F. Lee Doctor Library, Agra, KS
Fairbank Public Library, Fairbank, IA
Fairfax Town Library, Fairfax, SC
Fairfield Bay Library, Fairfield Bay, AR
Fairfield Library Association, Inc., Fairfield, TX
Fairfield Public Library, Fairfield, IL
Fairfield/Teton Public Library, Fairfield, MT
Fairview City Library, Fairview, OK
Fairview Community Library, Fairview, MO
Fairview Public Library, Margaretville, NY
Faith Public School Library, Faith, SD
Fall River Valley Library, Fall River Mills, CA
Fallon County Library, Baker, MT
Family Library, The, Hitchins, KY
Fannie Brown Booth Memorial Library, Center, TX
Farman Free Library, Ellington, NY
Farmersburg Public Library, Farmersburg, IA
Farmersville-Waggoner Public Library District, Farmersville, IL
Farmington Library, Farmington, WA
Farmland Public Library, Farmland, IN
Farnam Public Library, Farnam, NE
Farnhamville Public Library, Farnhamville, IA
Farson-Eden Library, Farson, WY
Faulk County Library, Faulkton, SD
Faye O'Leary Hafford Library, Allagash, ME
Fayette Community Library, Fayette, IA
Fayette County Public Libraries, Oak Hill, WV
Fayette Public Library, LaGrange, TX
Fenton Public Library, Fenton, IA
Ferdinand Library, Ferdinand, IN
Fertile Public Library, Fertile, IA
Fessenden/Bowdon School Library, Fessenden, ND
Field Memorial Library, Shaw, MS
Fife Lake Public Library, Fife Lake, MI
Finch Memorial Library, Arnold, NE
Finley Community Library, Finley, OK
Finley Public Library, Finley, ND
Fishlake Library, Dyer, NV
Fishtail Community Library, Fishtail, MT
Fisk Community Library, Fisk, MO
Fleming Community Library, Fleming, CO
Fleming County Public Library, Flemingsburg, KY
Flenniken Public Library, Carmichaels, PA
Fletcher Library, Adak, AK
Fletcher Memorial Library, Hampton, CT
Fletcher Public School Library, Fletcher, OK
Flora Public Library, Flora, IL
Florala Memorial Public Library, Florala, AL
Florence Public Library, Florence, CO
Florence Public Library, Florence, KS
Floyd County Memorial Library, Floydada, TX
Fobes Memorial Library, Oakham, MA
Folsom Memorial Library, Brinkley, AR
Fontanelle Public Library, Fontanelle, IA
Ford City Public Library, Ford City, PA
Forest Lakes Community Library, Forest Lakes, AZ
Forest-Jackson Public Library, Forest, OH
Formoso Public Library, Formoso, KS
Forreston Public Library, Forreston, IL
Forsyth Township Public Library, Gwinn, MI
Fort Ashby Public Library, Fort Ashby, WV
Fort Atkinson Pulbic Library, Fort Atkinson, IA
Fort Belknap College Library, Harlem, MT
Fort Hunter Free Library, Fort Hunter, NY
Fort Jones Branch Library, Fort Jones, CA
Fort Peck Tribal Library, Poplar, MT
Fort Recovery Public Library, Fort Recovery, OH
Fort Washakie School/Community Library, Fort Washakie, WY
Four Star Public Library District, Mendon, IL
Fourche Valley School Library, Briggsville, AR
Fowler Public Library, Fowler, CO
Fowler Public Library, Fowler, KS
Fowlerville District Library, Fowlerville, MI
Frank Bertetti Benld Public Library, Benld, IL
Frank Carlson Library, Concordia, KS
Franklin County Public Library, Eastpoint, FL
Franklin Grove Public Library, Franklin Grove, IL
Frazier Community Library, Perryopolis, PA
Fred & Harriett Taylor Memorial Library, Hammondsport, NY
Frederic Community Library, Frederic, MI
Fredericksburg Community Library, Fredericksburg, OH
Fredonia Public Library, Fredonia, KS
Freedom Public Library, Freedom, NH
Freeport District Library, Freeport, MI
Frenchman's Bay Library, Sullivan, ME
Friends Memorial Public Library, Kane, PA
Froid Public Library, Froid, MT
Fruitland Community Library, Fruitland, ID
Fuller Public Library, Hillsborough, NH
Fulton Public Library, Fulton, KY
Gabbs Community Library, Gabbs, NV
Gafney Library, Sanbornville, NH
Gallatin County Public Library, Warsaw, KY
Gallison Memorial Library, Harrington, ME
Galva Public Library, Galva, IA
Galway Public Library, Galway, NY
Garberville Branch Library, Garberville, CA
Garden City Library, Garden City, UT
Garden Plain Community Library, Garden Plain, KS
Garden Valley District Library, Garden Valley, ID
Gardiner Public Library, Gardiner, NY
Gardner Public Library, Wakefield, NE
Garfield Branch Library, Garfield, WA
Garland Public Library, Garland, UT
Garland Smith Public Library, Marlow, OK
Garnavillo Public Library, Garnavillo, IA
Garner Public Library, Garner, IA
Garnett Public Library, Garnett, KS
Garrison Public Library, Garrison, ND
Gary Public Library, Gary, SD
Gassaway Public Library, Gassaway, WV
Gaston Community Library, Gaston, OR
General N.B. Baker Library, Sutherland, IA
Genesee Area Library, Genesee, PA
Genoa Public Library, Genoa, NE
Gentry County Library, Stanberry, MO
George E. Allen Library, Booneville, MS
George McCone Memorial County Library, Circle, MT
George Public Library, George, IA
George W. Spindler Memorial Library, Woodland, MI
Georgetown Public Library, Georgetown, IL
Gerald Area Library, Gerald, MO
Geraldine Branch Library, Geraldine, MT
Geraldine Public Library, Geraldine, AL
German-Masontown Public Library, Masontown, PA
Germantown Library, Germantown, NY
Germantown Public Library, Germantown, IL
Gibbon Public Library, Gibbon, NE
Gibbs Library, Washington, ME
Gibbs Memorial Library, Mexia, TX
Gila Valley Library, Gila, NM
Gilbert Hart Library, Wallingford, VT
Gilbert Library, Inc., Northfield, CT
Gilbert Public Library, Friend, NE
Gillespie Public Library, Gillespie, IL
Gillham Library, Gillham, AR
Gilliam County Library, Condon, OR
Gilmanton Iron Works Library, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH
Gilmanton Year-Round Library, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH
Gilmer Public Library, Glenville, WV
Gilmore City Public Library, Gilmore City, IA
Glacier County Library, Cut Bank, MT
Gladbrook Public Library, Gladbrook, IA
Gladstone School & Public Library, Gladstone, MI
Gladys Johnson Ritchie Public Library, Jacksboro, TX
Glascock County Library, Gibson, GA
Glasgow City-County Library, Glasgow, MT
Gleason Memorial Library, Ringling, OK
Glen Lake Community Library, Empire, MI
Glen Ullin Public Library, Glen Ullin, ND
Glendive Public Library, Glendive, MT
Glidden Public Library, Glidden, IA
Glover Public Library, Glover, VT
Glover Spencer Memorial Library, Rush Springs, OK
Gnadenhutten Public Library, Gnadenhutten, OH
Goff-Nelson Memorial Library / Tupper Lake Public Library, Tupper Lake, NY
Golconda Public Library, Golconda, IL
Golden City Library, Golden City, MO
Golden Valley County Library, Beach, ND
Goldfield Public Library, Goldfield, NV
Gooding Public Library, Gooding, ID
Goodland Public Library, Goodland, KS
Goodman Public Library, Goodman, MS
Goodrich Memorial Library, Newport, VT
Gordo Public Library, Gordo, AL
Gordonsville Branch Library, Gordonsville, VA
Goshen County Library, Torrington, WY
Goshen Free Public Library, Goshen, MA
Goshen Public Library, Goshen, CT
Gowanda Free Library, Gowanda, NY
Grace Balloch Memorial Library, Spearfish, SD
Grace District Library, Grace, ID
Grace Hall Memorial Library, Montgomery, MA
Grace M. Pickens Public Library, Holdenville, OK
Graettinger Public Library, Graettinger, IA
Grainfield City Library, Grainfield, KS
Grand Junction Public Library, Grand Junction, IA
Grand Prairie of the West Public Library District, Virden, IL
Grand Ridge Grade School Library, Grand Ridge, IL
Grand Saline Public Library, Grand Saline, TX
Grand Tower Public Library, Grand Tower, IL
Grandfield Public Library, Grandfield, OK
Grangeville Centennial Library, Grangeville, ID
Grant Area District Library, Grant, MI
Grant County Library, John Day, OR
Grant Public Library, Grant, AL
Granville Public Library, Granville, MA
Grapeland Public Library, Grapeland, TX
Graves Public Library, Wakefield, NE
Graves-Hume Public Library, Mendota, IL
Gravette Public Library, Gravette, AR
Greater West Central Public Library District, Augusta, IL
Greeley County Public Library, Tribune, KS
Greeley Public Library, Greeley, PA
Greene County Library System, Jefferson, PA
Greene Public Library, Greene, IA
Greensboro Community Library, Greensboro, FL
Greensburg Library, Greensburg, KS
Greenville Branch Library, Greenville, CA
Greenwich Free Library, Greenwich, NY
Greenwood Public Library, Greenwood, NE
Gregory Public Library, Gregory, SD
Greig Memorial Library, Oneida, IL
Greybull Branch Library, Greybull, WY
Griggs County Public Library, Cooperstown, ND
Grimes Library, Grimes, CA
Griswold Memorial Library, Colrain, MA
Griswold Public Library, Griswold, IA
Grizzly Hill Community Library, Nevada City, CA
Groom Branch Library, Groom, TX
Grove Hill Public Library, Grove Hill, AL
Grover Regional Library, Grover, CO
Guilford Memorial Library, Guilford, ME
Gunnison Public Library, Gunnison, MS
Guttenberg Public Library, Guttenberg, IA
Gypsum Community Library, Gypsum, KS
Haakon Community Library, Philip, SD
Hackberry Branch Library, Hackberry, LA
Hadley Luzerne Public Library, Lake Luzerne, NY
Hagerman Public Library, Hagerman, ID
Hailey Public Library, Hailey, ID
Haines Falls Free Library, Haines Falls, NY
Hale Center Public Library, Inc., Hale Center, TX
Hale County Library, Greensboro, AL
Hale Library and Museum, Hale, MO
Haleyville Public Library, Haleyville, AL
Hamburg Public Library, Hamburg, IA
Hamer Public Library, Hamer, ID
Hamilton City Library, Hamilton, KS
Hamilton Parks Public Library, Trimble, TN
Hamilton Public Library, Hamilton, IL
Hamilton Public Library, Hamilton, MO
Hamlin Memorial Library, Smethport, PA
Hammond Free Library, Hammond, NY
Hammond Library of Crown Point, Crown Point, NY
Hammondsport Public Library, Hammondsport, NY
Hampton Falls Free Library, Hampton Falls, NH
Hancock County Public Library, Sneedville, TN
Hancock School Public Library, Hancock, MI
Hancock Town Library, Hancock, NH
Hand County Library, Miller, SD
Handley Regional Library Bookmobile, Winchester, VA
Hankinson Public Library, Hankinson, ND
Hannibal Free Library, Hannibal, NY
Hanover Public Library, Hanover, WV
Hanover Township Library, Hanover, IL
Hansford County Library, Spearman, TX
Happy Camp Branch Library, Happy Camp, CA
Hardtner Public Library, Hardtner, KS
Harlem Public Library, Harlem, MT
Harlowton Public Library, Harlowton, MT
Harney County Library, Burns, OR
Harold Bell Wright Public Library, Pierce City, MO
Harold Brown Memorial Library, Rossville, IN
Harper Public Library, Harper, KS
Harrell Memorial Library, Bristol, FL
Harrington Public Library, Harrington, WA
Harrison Community Library, Harrison, MI
Harrison Township Community Library, Harrison Valley, PA
Harrison Village Library, Harrison, ME
Harrisville Free Library, Harrisville, NY
Harrisville Public Library, Harrisville, NH
Harrrisburg City Library, Harrisburg, OR
Harry L. Petrie Public Library, Linton, ND
Hartford Library Association, Croton, OH
Hartington Public Library, Hartington, NE
Hartland Public Library, Hartland, ME
Hartland Public Library, Hartland, VT
Hartley Public Library, Hartley, IA
Harvey Helm Memorial Library, Stanford, KY
Harvey Public Library, Harvey, ND
Haskell County Library, Haskell, TX
Haskell Township Library, Sublette, KS
Hastings Memorial Library, Grant, NE
Haston Library, Franklin, VT
Haven Public Library, Haven, KS
Haverhill Library, Haverhill, NH
Havre-Hill County Library, Havre, MT
Hawn Memorial Library, Clayton, NY
Haxton Memorial Library, Oakfield, NY
Haxtun Public Library, Haxtun, CO
Hay Memorial Library, Sackets Harbor, NY
Hayden Public Library, Hayden, AZ
Haynie Library, Prague, OK
Hazel L. Meyer Memorial Library, De Smet, SD
Hazeltine Public Library, Jamestown, NY
Hazen Public Library, Hazen, ND
Heard County Public Library, Franklin, GA
Heart of America Library, Rugby, ND
Heart of the Valley Public Library, Terreton, ID
Heath Free Public Library, Heath, MA
Hebron Secrest Library, Hebron, NE
Heginbotham Library, Holyoke, CO
Helen Lehmann Memorial Library, Montverde, FL
Helena Township Public Library, Alden, MI
Helix Public Library, Helix, OR
Henderson Free Library, Henderson, NY
Hennessey Public Library, Hennessey, OK
Henry C. Adams Memorial Library, Prophetstown, IL
Henryetta Public Library, Henryetta, OK
Hepburn Library of Norfolk, Norfolk, NY
Hepburn Library of Waddington, Waddington, NY
Herbert Wescoat Memorial Library, McArthur, OH
Herington Public Library, Herington, KS
Heritage Public Library, McDonald, PA
Herrick Township Public Library, Herrick, IL
Hesseltine Public Library, Wilbur, WA
Hickman County Memorial Library, Clinton, KY
Hickman Public Library, Hickman, KY
Highland County Public Library, Monterey, VA
Hightower Memorial Library, York, AL
Highwood School Library, Highwood, MT
Hildreth Public Library, Hildreth, NE
Hill City Public Library, Hill City, SD
Hill Public Library, Hill, NH
Hillcrest Public Library, Cuba, KS
Hillsboro Community Library, Hillsboro, NM
Hillsboro Public Library, Hillsboro, IA
Hillsboro Public Library, Hillsboro, KS
Hillsboro Public School Libraries, Hillsboro, ND
Hobart Public Library, Hobart, OK
Hobson Community Library, Hobson, MT
Hockley County Memorial Library, Levelland, TX
Hogansville Public Library, Hogansville, GA
Holland District Library, Holland, NY
Holliday C-2 School Library, Holliday, MO
Hollis Center Library, Hollis, ME
Hollis Public Library, Hollis, AK
Hollister Elementary School Library, Hollister, ID
Holt Memorial Library, Philipsburg, PA
Homer Public Library, Homer, MI
Homer-Center Public Library, Homer City, PA
Hooker County Library, Mullen, NE
Hooper Public Library, Hooper, NE
Hopkins Public Library, Hopkins, MI
Hopkinton Reading Center, Hopkinton, NY
Horatio-Garner Library, Horatio, AR
Horicon Free Public Library, Brant Lake, NY
Horicon School Library, Annapolis, CA
Horseshoe Bend District Library, Horseshoe Bend, ID
Horseshoe Bend Public Library, Horseshoe Bend, AR
Horton Free Library, Horton, KS
Hot Springs County Library, Thermopolis, WY
Hot Springs Town-County Library, Hot Springs, MT
Houlka Public Library, Houlka, MS
Howard County Library-Nashville, Nashville, AR
Howard County Public Library, Fayette, MO
Howard Public Library, Howard, NY
Howard Public Library, Howard, SD
Howe Community Library, Howe, TX
Howells Public Library, Howells, NE
Hruska Memorial Public Library, David City, NE
Hubbard Free Library, Hallowell, ME
Hubbard Public Library, Hubbard, IA
Hudson Area Association Library, Hudson, NY
Hudson Public Library, Hudson, SD
Hull Public Library, Hull, IA
Humeston Public Library, Humeston, IA
Humphreys County Library System, Belzoni, MS
Hunter Public Library, Hunter, NY
Huntingdon County Library, Huntingdon, PA
Huntington Public Library, Huntington, VT
Hustontown Branch Library, Hustontown, PA
Hyde County Library, Highmore, SD
Hymera Community Library, Hymera, IN
Ida Hilton Public Library, Darien, GA
Ida Long Goodman Memorial Library, St. John, KS
Ider Public Library, Ider, AL
Illinois Valley Branch Library, Cave Junction, OR
Independent Township Library, Claflin, KS
Indian River Area Library, Indian River, MI
Indian Township School Library, Princeton, ME
Ingalls Memorial Library, Rindge, NH
Inlet Public Library, Inlet, NY
Interlaken Public Library, Interlaken, NY
Inwood Public Library, Inwood, IA
Inyo County Free Library, Independence, CA
Ione Public Library, Ione, OR
Ira C. Reed Library, LaFayette, IL
Ira Hayes Memorial Library, Sacaton, AZ
Iris Brammer Public Library, Narrows, VA
Iron County Mobile Library, Enoch, UT
Ironwood Carnegie Library, Ironwood, MI
Irwin County Library, Ocilla, GA
Isaac F. Umberhine Public Library, Richmond, ME
Isabelle Hunt Memorial Public Library, Pine, AZ
Island Park Library, Island Park, ID
Itta Bena Library, Itta Bena, MS
Iuka Public Library, Iuka, MS
Iva Jane Peek Public Library, Decatur, AR
Ivan O. Davis - Liberty Library, Liberty, ME
Izard County Library - Melbourne, Melbourne, AR
J. Elliott McMullan Library, Newton, MS
J.A. Tarbell Public Library, Lyndeborough, NH
J.B. Nickells Memorial Library, Luling, TX
J.C. Clegg Public Library, Central City, IA
J.J. Hands Public Library, Lohrville, IA
J.R. Huffman Public Library, Hemphill, TX
J.T. Biggs, Jr. Memorial Library, Crystal Springs, MS
Jacksboro Public Library, Jacksboro, TN
Jackson County Library, Newport, AR
Jackson Memorial Library, Tenants Harbor, ME
Jackson Public Library, Jackson, NH
Jackson-Butts County Public Library, Jackson, GA
James W. Merritt Memorial Library, Colquitt, GA
Jamestown City Library, Jamestown, KS
Jamestown S'Klallam Tribal Library, Sequim, WA
Jaquith Public Library, Marshfield, VT
Jay C. Byers Memorial Library, Cleveland, OK
Jeff Davis County Library, Fort Davis, TX
Jefferson C-123 School District Library, Conception Junction, MO
Jefferson Carnegie Library, Jefferson, TX
Jefferson Central School Library, Jefferson, NY
Jefferson County Public Library, Jefferson City, TN
Jefferson County Public Library, Monticello, FL
Jefferson Public Library, Jefferson, OR
Jeffrey City Library, Jeffrey City, WY
Jemez Pueblo Community Library, Jemez Pueblo, NM
Jemez Springs Public Library, Jemez Springs, NM
Jenkins County Memorial Library, Millen, GA
Jennie Trent Dew Library, Goldthwaite, TX
Jerome Public Library, Jerome, ID
Jesse J. Edwards Public Library, Coldwater, MS
Jesse Yancy Memorial Library, Bruce, MS
Jessie Wakefield Memorial Library, Port Lions, AK
Jetmore Municipal Library, Jetmore, KS
Jeudevine Memorial Library, Hardwick, VT
Jewell Public Library, Jewell, KS
Jim Lucas Checotah Public Library, Checotah, OK
John B. Curtis Free Public Library, Bradford, ME
John C. Fremont Library District, Florence, CO
John G. McCullough Free Library, North Bennington, VT
John Gregory Library, Whitehall, MT
John Mosser Public Library District, Abingdon, IL
John W. Clark Public Library, Franklinville, NC
Johnson Public Library, Johnson, NE
Johnsonburg Public Library, Johnsonburg, PA
Joice Public Library, Joice, IA
Joliet Public Library, Joliet, MT
Jones Memorial Library, Littleton, NC
Jonesboro Public Library, Jonesboro, IL
Jonesboro Public Library, Jonesboro, IN
Jordaan Memorial Library, Larned, KS
Jordanville Public Library, Jordanville, NY
Joseph City Library, Joseph, OR
Joseph Patch Library, Warren, NH
Joseph R. Palmer Family Memorial Library, Elsberry, MO
Josiah Carpenter Library, Pittsfield, NH
Joslin Memorial Library, Waitsfield, VT
Joyce Public Library, Orland, IN
Juanita Earp Media Center, Crystal Lake, IA
Julia L. Butterfield Memorial Library, Cold Spring, NY
Juniper Library at Grand Lake, Grand Lake, CO
K I Sawyer Learning Center, Gwinn, MI
Kalama Public Library, Kalama, WA
Kalkaska County Public Library, Kalkaska, MI
Kalona Public Library, Kalona, IA
Kamiah Community Library, Kamiah, ID
Kanab City Library, Kanab, UT
Kanopolis Public Library, Kanopolis, KS
Kansas Public Library, Kansas, OK
Karl Miles LeCompte Memorial Library, Corydon, IA
Karlen Memorial Library, Beemer, NE
Katahdin Public Library, Island Falls, ME
Kaw City Public Library, Kaw City, OK
Kearny Public Library, Kearny, AZ
Keeseville Free Library, Keeseville, NY
Kellyville Public Library, Kellyville, OK
Kenmare Branch Library, Kenmare, ND
Kennedy Public Library, Kennedy, AL
Kensington Community/School Library, Kensington, KS
Kensington Public Library, Kensington, NH
Kent Memorial Library, Kent, CT
Kerens Library, Kerens, TX
Kern River Valley Branch Library, Lake Isabella, CA
Kersey Library/Museum, Kersey, CO
Keya Paha County Library, Springview, NE
Keyser-Mineral County Public Library, Keyser, WV
Keytesville Library Association, Inc., Keytesville, MO
Kezar Falls Circulating Library, Parsonsfield, ME
Killdeer Public Library, Killdeer, ND
Kilmichael Elementary School Library, Kilmichael, MS
Kiln Public Library, Kiln, MS
Kimball Centennial Library, Kimball, SD
Kimball Public Library, Kimball, NE
Kimball Public Library, Randolph, VT
Kimberling Area Library, Kimberling, MO
Kimble County Library, Junction, TX
King Memorial Library, Machias, NY
Kingfisher Memorial Library, Kingfisher, OK
Kingman Carnegie Library, Kingman, KS
Kingsland Branch Library, Kingsland, TX
Kingsley Public Library, Kingsley, MI
Kingston Community Library, Kingston, AR
Kinney Memorial Library, Hanlontown, IA
Kinney Memorial Library, Hartwick, NY
Kiowa Public Library, Kiowa, KS
Kirkland Public Library, Kirkland, IL
Kismet Public Library, Kismet, KS
Kit Carson School Library, Kit Carson, CO
Kitchell Memorial Library, Morrisonville, IL
Kittanning Public Library, Kittanning, PA
Kittitas Public Library, Kittitas, WA
Klamath Community Center Library, Klamath, CA
Klawock Public Library, Klawock, AK
Kling Memorial Library, Grundy Center, IA
Klyte Burt Memorial Library, Curtis, NE
Knightstown Public Library, Knightstown, IN
Knox County Library, Edina, MO
Knox Public Library, Knox, PA
Knoxville Public Library, Knoxville, PA
Kooskia Community Library, Kooskia, ID
Koshkonong Public Library Branch, Koshkonong, MO
Kountze Public Library, Kountze, TX
Kuskokwim Consortium Library, Bethel, AK
Kyle Community Library, Kyle, TX
La Belle Branch Library, La Belle, MO
La Paz County Bookmobile, Parker, AZ
La Veta Regional Library District, La Veta, CO
Lacona Public Library, Lacona, IA
LaCrosse Library, LaCrosse, WA
Ladd Public Library District, Ladd, IL
Ladoga-Clark Township Public Library, Ladoga, IN
LaFollette Public Library, LaFollette, TN
Laingsburg Public Library, Laingsburg, MI
Lake County Library, Lakeview, OR
Lake Forest Charter School Library, New Orleans, LA
Lake George Branch Library, Lake George, CO
Lake Mills Public Library, Lake Mills, IA
Lake Odessa Community Library, Lake Odessa, MI
Lake Park Public Library, Lake Park, IA
Lake Pleasant Public Library, Lake Pleasant, NY
Lake Region Public Library, Devils Lake, ND
Lake Sinclair Library, Milledgeville, GA
Lake Tamarisk Library, Desert Center, CA
Lake Valley Navajo School Library, Crownpoint, NM
Lake View Public Library, Lake View, IA
Lakeside Community Library, Lakeside, MT
Lakeside Public Library, Lakeside, OR
Lakota City Library, Lakota, ND
Lakota Public Library, Lakota, IA
Lamar Public Library, Lamar, CO
Lamoni Public Library, Lamoni, IA
LaMoure School and Public Library, LaMoure, ND
Lampasas Public Library, Lampasas, TX
Lanark Public Library, Lanark, IL
Lancaster County Public Library, Kilmarnock, VA
Lane County Library, Dighton, KS
Lang Memorial Library, Wilson, KS
Langford Public Library, Langford, SD
Langlois Public Library, Langlois, OR
Langston-Coyle Summer Reading Program, Langston, OK
Lanpher Memorial Library, Hyde Park, VT
L'Anse Area School/Public Library, L'Anse, MI
Larson Memorial Library, Lakeside, AZ
Las Animas-Bent County Library District, Las Animas, CO
Lassen Library District, Susanville, CA
Latham Memorial Library, Thetford, VT
Latham R-V Library, Latham, MO
Latimer County Public Library, Wilburton, OK
Laurel Community Library, Laurel, IN
Laurens Public Library, Laurens, IA
Lawler Public Library, Lawler, IA
Lawrence County Library, Walnut Ridge, AR
Lawrence Memorial Public Library, Windsor, NC
Lawrence Public Library District, Lawrenceville, IL
LCPL Town Creek Branch Library, Town Creek, AL
Leaburg Library, Leaburg, OR
Leach Public Library, Wahpeton, ND
Lebanon Community Library, Lebanon, KS
Lebanon Public Library, Lebanon, OR
Ledyard Public Library, Ledyard, IA
Lee County Library, Marianna, AR
Leepertown Township Public Library, Bureau, IL
Lehigh Public Library, Lehigh, IA
Leigh Public Library, Leigh, NE
Lena Cagle Public Library, Bridgeport, AL
Lena Community District Library, Lena, IL
Lenora Public Library, Lenora, KS
Lenox Public Library, Lenox, IA
Leola Public Library, Leola, SD
Leonardville City Library, Leonardville, KS
LeRoy Community Library, LeRoy, MI
Les Cheneaux Community Library, Cedarville, MI
Levant Heritage Library, Levant, ME
Lewis Library of Glasgow, Glasgow, MO
Lewiston Public Library, Lewiston, MI
Lewisville Public Library, Lewisville, AR
Lexington Elementary Library, Lexington, TX
Lexington Public Library, Lexington, MS
Libbie Cass Memorial Library, Springfield, NH
Libby Library, Libby, MT
Liberty Center Public Library, Liberty Center, OH
Liberty County Public Library, Bristol, FL
Library at Cedar Creek Lake, The, Seven Points, TX
Lidgerwood Public Library, Lidgerwood, ND
Lied Public Library - Essex, Essex, IA
Lied Randolph Public Library, Randolph, NE
Lied Tekamah Public Library, Tekamah, NE
Lied Winside Public Library, Winside, NE
Lillian Webb Memorial Library, Neon, KY
Lillie M. Evans Library District, Princeville, IL
Limerick Public Library, Limerick, ME
Limon Memorial Library, Limon, CO
Lincoln Carnegie Library, Lincoln, KS
Lincoln Library, Lincoln, VT
Lincoln Memorial Library, Lincoln, ME
Lincoln Public Library, Lincoln, AL
Lincoln Public Library, Lincoln, NH
Lincoln R-2 School Libraries, Lincoln, MO
Linden Carnegie Public Library, Linden, IN
Linden Public Library, Linden, IA
Linn County Library District #1, Parker, KS
Linn Library League Bookmobile, Scio, OR
Linwood Community Library at Snowshoe, Slatyfork, WV
Lisbon Public Library, Lisbon, ND
Lisle Free Library, Lisle, NY
Litchfield Public Library District, Litchfield, IL
Little Big Horn College Library, Crow Agency, MT
Little Ones' Library, Accord, NY
Little Priest Tribal College/Winnebago Public Library, Winnebago, NE
Little River Community Library, Little River, KS
Little Rock Public Library, Little Rock, IA
Livermore Community Library, Livermore, KY
Livermore Public Library, Livermore, ME
Livingston-Park County Public Library, Livingston, MT
Lizard Butte Public Library, Marsing, ID
Llano Main Library, Llano, TX
Lobelville Branch Library, Lobelville, TN
Lockesburg Library, Lockesburg, AR
Lockwood Public Library, Lockwood, MO
Locust Grove Community Library, Locust Grove, OK
Lodi Whittier Library, Lodi, NY
Logan County Library, Stapleton, NE
Logan Public Library, Logan, IA
Logan Public Library, Logan, KS
Lone Rock School Library, Stevensville, MT
Lone Star School Library, Otis, CO
Long  Lake Library, Long Lake, NY
Long County Public Library, Ludowici, GA
Long Creek School Library, Long Creek, OR
Long Lake Public Library, St. Agatha, ME
Longie Dale Hamilton Memorial Library, Wesson, MS
Longton Public Library, Longton, KS
Lopez Island Library, Lopez Island, WA
Lost Nation Public Library, Lost Nation, IA
Louise & Lucile Hink/Tama Public Library, Tama, IA
Louise Adelia Read Memorial Library, Hancock, NY
Louise Clements Library, Cutler, ME
Louisiana Public Library, Louisiana, MO
Lovington Public Library District, Lovington, IL
Lowden Public Library, Lowden, IA
Lowe Public Library, Shinnston, WV
Lower Arkansas Valley Regional Library, Las Animas, CO
Lower Brule Community Library, Lower Brule Sioux Ind Res, SD
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribal Library, Port Angeles, WA
Lower Huntingdon County Library, Orbisonia, PA
Lowville Free Library, Lowville, NY
Lubec Memorial Library, Lubec, ME
Lucas Public Library, Lucas, KS
Lucile Morgan Public Library, Heflin, AL
Lumberton Public Library, Lumberton, MS
Luray City Library, Luray, KS
Luther Area Public Library, Luther, MI
Luther Callaway Public Library, Chiefland, FL
Luverne Public Library, Luverne, AL
Lydia Taft Pratt Library, West Dummerston, VT
Lyme Free Library, Chaumont, NY
Lyndon Carnegie Library, Lyndon, KS
Lynnville Public Library, Lynnville, IA
Lyons Public Library, Lyons, KS
Lyons Public Library, Lyons, NE
Lyons Public Library, Lyons, OR
Lytton Public Library, Lytton, IA
Mabel D. Blodgett Memorial Reading Center, Rushville, NY
Mackinaw Area Public Library, Mackinaw City, MI
Mackinaw District Public Library, Mackinaw, IL
Maclure Library, Pittsford, VT
Macsherry Library, Alexandria Bay, NY
Madbury Public Library, Madbury, NH
Maddock Community Library, Maddock, ND
Madill City/County Library, Madill, OK
Madison County Library, Danielsville, GA
Madison County Public Library, Huntsville, AR
Madison Public Library, Madison, NE
Madisonville Public Library, Madisonville, TN
Maffett Memorial Library, Groesbeck, TX
Mallard Public Library, Mallard, IA
Malvern Public Library, Malvern, IA
Mammoth Lakes Library, Mammoth Lakes, CA
Mancos Public Library, Mancos, CO
Manilla Public Library, Manilla, IA
Manito Public Library, Manito, IL
Manly Public Library, Manly, IA
Manly Public Library, Manly, IA
Mannford Public Library, Mannford, OK
Mannsville Free Library, Mannsville, NY
Mansfield Free Public Library, Mansfield, PA
Mansfield School Library, Mansfield, WA
Manti Public Library, Manti, UT
Maple Hill Grade School Library, Maple Hill, KS
Marathon Public Library, Marathon, TX
Marceline Carnegie Library, Marceline, MO
Marcellus Township Wood Memorial Librar., Marcellus, MI
Marcus P. Beebe Memorial Library, Ipswich, SD
Marcus Public Library, Marcus, IA
Marengo County Public Library, Linden, AL
Marengo Public Library, Marengo, IA
Margaret Carder Library, Mangum, OK
Margaret Fraase Public Library, Buffalo, ND
Margaret Tibel Memorial Library, Eudora, AR
Marianna Community Public Library, Marianna, PA
Marianne Beck Memorial Library, Howey-in-the-Hills, FL
Marie Ellison Memorial Library, Del Rio, TN
Marissa Area Public Library District, Marissa, IL
Marjorie Younce Snook Public Library, Summerdale, AL
Marlboro County Library, Bennettsville, SC
Marseilles Public Library, Marseilles, IL
Martin County Public Library, Inez, KY
Martin Memorial Library, Hartland, VT
Martin Monsen Regional Library, Naknek, AK
Martin Township Public Library, Colfax, IL
Martinsville Public Library District, Martinsville, IL
Mary B. Brown Memorial Library, Midland City, AL
Mary E. Seymour Memorial Free Library, Stockton, NY
Mary E. Tippitt Memorial Library, Townsend, TN
Mary K. Finley Library, Lamar, MO
Mary Willis Library, Washington, GA
Mason City Library, Mason, WV
Mason County M. Beven Eckert Memorial Library, Mason, TX
Massena Public Library, Massena, IA
Mather Memorial Library, Ulster, PA
Matinicus Island School Library, Matinicus Island, ME
Maud Public Library, Maud, TX
Max Community Library, Max, ND
Maxwell Library, Maxwell, CA
Mayer Public Library, Mayer, AZ
Maysville Public Library, Maysville, OK
McAlester Public Library, McAlester, OK
McCall Public Library, McCall, ID
McCloud Branch Library, McCloud, CA
McCook Public Library, McCook, NE
McCune Osage Township Library, McCune, KS
McDonald County Library, Pineville, MO
McGehee Branch Library, McGehee, AR
McGregor–McKinney Public Library, Hartford, AL
McIndoes Academy Library, McIndoe Falls, VT
McIvers Grant Public Library, Dyersburg, TN
McKenzie County Public Library, Watford City, ND
McLouth Public Library, McLouth, KS
McMullen Memorial Library, Huntington, TX
McVille Community Library, McVille, ND
Mead Public Library, Mead, NE
Meadow Grove Public Library, Meadow Grove, NE
Meadville R-IV School Library, Meadville, MO
Meagher County City Library, White Sulphur Springs, MT
Mechanic Falls Public Library, Mechanic Falls, ME
Mechanicsville Public Library, Mechanicsville, IA
Mediapolis Public Library, Mediapolis, IA
Medicine Springs Library, Browning, MT
Medina Community Library, Medina, TX
Medora Elementary Library, Medora, IL
Meehan Memorial Lansing Public Library, Lansing, IA
Meeker Public Library, Meeker, OK
Meeteetse Branch Library, Meeteetse, WY
Mellinger Memorial Library, Morning Sun, IA
Melton Public Library, French Lick, IN
Menard Public Library, Menard, TX
Mengle Memorial Library, Brockway, PA
Menifee County Public Library, Frenchburg, KY
Menlo Public Library, Menlo, IA
Meriden Library, Meriden, NH
Merrill Public Library, Merrill, IA
Metcalfe County Public Library, Edmonton, KY
Mexico Free Public Library, Mexico, ME
Mexico Public Library, Mexico, NY
Middleburg Community Library, Middleburg, PA
Middleburgh Library, Middleburgh, NY
Middleton Community Library, Middleton, TN
Middleton Public Library, Middleton, ID
Milbridge Public Library, Milbridge, ME
Mildred Stevens Williams Memorial Library, Appleton, ME
Milford Memorial Library, Milford, IA
Mill City Middle School Library, Mill City, OR
Miller County-James W. Merritt, Jr. Memorial Library, Colquitt, GA
Millerburg Community Library, Millersburg, IA
Millers Creek Elementary School Library, Millers Creek, NC
Millport Public Library, Millport, AL
Mills & Petrie Memorial Library, Ashton, IL
Millsap Elementary School Library, Millsap, TX
Milo Public Library, Milo, IA
Milton Free Public Library, Milton Mills, NH
Milton Public Library, Milton, PA
Minburn Public Library, Minburn, IA
Mineral County Library, Hawthorne, NV
Mineral County Public Library, Superior, MT
Mineral County Regional Library, Creede, CO
Mineral Springs Library, Mineral Springs, AR
Minersville Public Library, Minersville, PA
Minersville Public Library, Minersville, UT
Minerva Free Library, Sherman, NY
Minneola City Library, Minneola, KS
Minnewaukan Public Library, Minnewaukan, ND
Minot-Sleeper Library, Bristol, NH
Missaukee District Library, Lake City, MI
Missouri Valley Public Library, Missouri Valley, IA
Mitchell County Public Library, Colorado City, TX
Modeste Bedient Memorial Library, Branchport, NY
Modoc County Library, Alturas, CA
Mohall Public Library, Mohall, ND
Mohawk Community Library, Sycamore, OH
Monhegan Memorial Library, Monhegan Island, ME
Monroe City Library, Monroe, UT
Monroe Community Library, Monroe, ME
Monroe County Public Library, Union, WV
Monroe Public Library, Monroe, IA
Monroeton Public Library, Monroeton, PA
Monroeville Public Library, Monroeville, OH
Monte Vista Carnegie Public Library, Monte Vista, CO
Monterey Library, Monterey, MA
Montezuma Public Library, Montezuma, IN
Montezuma Township Library, Montezuma, KS
Montgomery Area Public Library, Montgomery, PA
Montgomery City Public Library, Montgomery City, MO
Montgomery County Library, Mount Ida, AR
Montgomery County Library, Mt. Vernon, GA
Montgomery County Library, Troy, NC
Montgomery House Warrior Run Area Public Library, McEwensville, PA
Montgomery Town Library, Montgomery Center, VT
Monty Miller Memorial Library, Palo, MI
Moody Community Library, Moody, TX
Mooers Free Library, Mooers, NY
Moore County Public Library, Lynchburg, TN
Moore Memorial Library District, Hillsdale, IL
Moores Memorial Library, Christiana, PA
Moran Public Library, Moran, KS
Moravia Public Library, Moravia, IA
Moretown Memorial Library, Moretown, VT
Moriarty Community Library, Moriarty, NM
Morrill Memorial and Harris Library, Strafford, VT
Morrill Public Library, Morrill, NE
Morristown Centennial Library, Morrisville, VT
Morristown Public Library, Morristown, NY
Morrisville Public Library, Morrisville, NY
Morton Township Library, Mecosta, MI
Mose Hudson Tapia Public Library, Bayou La Batre, AL
Mosquero Municipal Schools Library, Mosquero, NM
Motley County Library, Matador, TX
Mott Public Library, Mott, ND
Mound Bayou Public Library, Mound Bayou, MS
Moundridge Public Library, Moundridge, KS
Mount Carmel Public Library, Mount Carmel, TN
Mount Jewett Memorial Library, Mount Jewett, PA
Mount Morris Library, Mount Morris, NY
Mount Morris Public Library, Mount Morris, IL
Mount Union Branch Library, Mount Union, PA
Mountain View Public Library, Mountain View, MO
Moweaqua Public Library, Moweaqua, IL
Mt. Caesar Union Library, Swanzey, NH
Mt. Morris Reading Center, Mt. Morris, PA
Mt. Pleasant Public Library, Mt. Pleasant, UT
Mt. Pulaski Public Library District, Mt. Pulaski, IL
Mt. Sterling Public Library, Mt. Sterling, OH
Muenster Public Library, Muenster, TX
Muleshoe Area Public Library, Muleshoe, TX
Mullan Public Library, Mullan, ID
Mulliken District Library, Mulliken, MI
Munising School Public Library, Munising, MI
Murphy Memorial Library, Monona, IA
Myers Memorial Library, Frewsburg, NY
Nancy Bonnette Branch Library, Wagener, SC
Na'Neelzhiin Ji Olta', San Juan Pueblo, NM
Naples Public Library, Naples, TX
Nauvoo Public Library, Nauvoo, IL
Navasota Public Library, Navasota, TX
Needles Branch Library, Needles, CA
Nehawka Public Library, Nehawka, NE
Nellie Pederson Civic Library, Clifton, TX
Nemaha Library, Nemaha, NE
Nephi Public Library, Nephi, UT
Ness City Public Library, Ness City, KS
New Berlin Library, New Berlin, NY
New Bethlehem Area Free Public Library, New Bethlehem, PA
New England Library, New England, ND
New Gloucester Public Library, New Gloucester, ME
New Harmony Workingmen's Institute, New Harmony, IN
New Haven Community Library, New Haven, VT
New Holland Library, New Holland, IL
New Marlborough Town Library, Mill River, MA
New Portland Community Library, North New Portland, ME
New Rockford Public Library, New Rockford, ND
New Town Library, New Town, ND
New Virginia Public Library, New Virginia, IA
New Waverly Public Library, New Waverly, TX
New Woodstock Free Library, New Woodstock, NY
Newaygo Carnegie Library, Newaygo, MI
Newell Public Library, Newell, IA
Newell Public Library, Newell, SD
Newfields Public Library, Newfields, NH
Newfoundland Area Library, Newfoundland, PA
Newman Regional Library District, Newman, IL
Newport Public Library, Newport, PA
Newton County Library, Jasper, AR
Newton County Public Library, Newton, TX
Newton Public Library, Newton, AL
Newton Town Library, Newton, UT
Nezperce Community Library, Nezperce, ID
Nicholas County Public Library, Carlisle, KY
Nickerson Public Library, Nickerson, KS
Nigel Sprouse Memorial Library, Callaway, NE
Ninilchik Community Library, Ninilchik, AK
Niobrara County Library, Lusk, WY
Niobrara Public Library, Niobrara, NE
Noble Elementary Library, St. Marys, OH
Nokomis Public Library, Nokomis, IL
Nora E. Larabee Memorial Library, Stafford, KS
Normal Memorial Library, Fayette, OH
Norridgewock Public Library, Norridgewock, ME
Norris City Memorial Public Library District, Norris City, IL
North Adams Community Memorial Library, North Adams, MI
North Bridgton Public Library, North Bridgton, ME
North English Public Library, North English, IA
North Gem Library, Bancroft, ID
North Loup Public Library, North Loup, NE
North Valley Public Library, Stevensville, MT
North Wilkes Library, Tignall, GA
Northumberland Public Library, Heathsville, VA
Northwest Kansas Heritage Center Library & Museum, Brewster, KS
Northwest Regional Library, Belle Fourche, SD
Northwestern Band of Shoshone Tribal Library, Brigham City, UT
Northwood Public School & City Library, Northwood, ND
Norway Public Library, Norway, IA
Norwich Public Library, Norwich, KS
Norwich Public Library, Norwich, VT
Notus Public Library, Notus, ID
Nucla Public Library, Nucla, CO
Nutter Fort Public Library, Nutter Fort, WV
Nyssa Public Library, Nyssa, OR
Oakalla Public Library, Burnett, TX
Oakdale Public Library, Oakdale, NE
Oakesdale Branch Library, Oakesdale, WA
Oakesdale School Library, Oakesdale, WA
Oakland City - Columbia Township Public Library, Oakland City, IN
Oakley Free Library District, Oakley, ID
Oakley Public Library, Oakley, KS
Oaks Mission Public School, Oaks, OK
Oblong Public Library, Oblong, IL
O'Brien Memorial Library, Blue River, OR
Ocean Shores Public Library, Ocean Shores, WA
Oceana Public Library, Oceana, WV
Oconto Public Library, Oconto, NE
Odell Public Library District, Odell, IL
Odenville Public Library, Odenville, AL
Odessa Public Library, Odessa, WA
Odon Winklepleck Library, Odon, IN
Oglesby Public Library District, Oglesby, IL
Ohio Public Library District, Ohio, IL
Ohkay Owingeh Media Center (Navajo Reservation), Cuba, NM
Ojibwa Community Library, Baraga, MI
Okawville Village Library, Okawville, IL
Okolona Carnegie Library, Okolona, MS
Ola Free District Library, Ola, ID
Old Forge Library, Old Forge, NY
Olin Public Library, Olin, IA
Olive G. Pettis Library, Goshen, NH
Olive Hill Adult Learning Center Library, Olive Hill, KY
Olive Hill Public Library, Olive Hill, KY
Olive Warner Memorial Library, Hooker, OK
Oliver Springs Public Library, Oliver Springs, TN
Olton Library, Olton, TX
Omaha Indian Reservation Library, Macy, NE
Onawa Public Library, Onawa, IA
Oneida County Library, Malad, ID
Oneonta Public Library, Oneonta, AL
Ophir School Library, Gallatin Gateway, MT
Oracle Public Library, Oracle, AZ
Orangeville Public Library, Orangeville, PA
Orchard Public Library, Orchard, NE
Ord Township Library, Ord, NE
Oregon Public Library, Oregon, MO
Oregon Trail Library District - Boardman Library, Boardman, OR
Oregon Trail Library District - Heppner Branch, Heppner, OR
Orland Free Library, Orland, CA
Orleans Town & Township Public Library, Orleans, IN
Orr's Island Public Library, Orr's Island, ME
Ortiz Mountain Community Library, Madrid, NM
Ortona Public Library, Moore Haven, FL
Orwell Free Library, Orwell, VT
Orwigsburg Area Free Public Library, Orwigsburg, PA
Osage City Public Library, Osage City, KS
Osawatomie Public Library, Osawatomie, KS
Osborn School Library, Osborn, MO
Osborne Public Library, Osborne, KS
Oscar Foss Memorial Library, Barnstead, NH
Oscar Johnson Memorial Library, Silverhill, AL
Osceola Mills Community Library, Osceola Mills, PA
Osceola Public Library, Camden, NY
Osceola Public Library, Osceola, NE
Osgood Public Library, Osgood, IN
Oshkosh Public Library, Oshkosh, NE
Oskaloosa Public Library, Oskaloosa, KS
Ossian Public Library, Ossian, IA
Ossipee Public Library, Center Ossipee, NH
Otis Library & Museum, Otis, MA
Overbrook Public Library, Overbrook, KS
Ovid Public Library, Ovid, CO
Oxford Memorial Library, Oxford, NY
Oxford Municipal Library, Oxford, NE
Oxford Public Library, Oxford, KS
Ozark County Library, Gainesville, MO
Ozarka College Library, Melbourne, AR
Ozark-Dale County Public Library, Ozark, AL
Paine Memorial Free Library, Willsboro, NY
Palestine Public Library District, Palestine, IL
Palmer Public Library, Palmer, IA
Palmer Public Library, Palmer, TN
Palmyra Bicentennial Public Library, Palmyra, MO
Palmyra Memorial Library, Palmyra, NE
Palouse Branch of the Whitman County Library, Palouse, WA
Pankhurst Memorial Library, Amboy, IL
Panther Valley Public Library, Landsford, PA
Paoli Public Library, Paoli, IN
Paradox Community Library, Paradox, CO
Parish Public Library, Parish, NY
Park County Public Library, Bailey, CO
Parkston Public Library, Parkston, SD
Parnell Memorial Library, Montevallo, AL
Parrottsville Community Library, Parrottsville, TN
Parsons Memorial Library, Alfred, ME
Parsonsfield Public Library, Parsonsfield, ME
Partridge Public Library, Partridge, KS
Patagonia Public Library, Patagonia, AZ
Patten Library, North Haverhill, NH
Paul Memorial Library, Newfields, NH
Pauma AA'Alvikat Library, Pauma Valley, CA
Pavilion Public Library, Pavilion, NY
Pavillion Public Library, Pavillion, WY
Paw Paw Public Library District, Paw Paw, IL
Pawlet Public Library, Pawlet, VT
Pawnee City Carnegie Public Library, Pawnee City, NE
Paxton Public Library, Paxton, NE
Peabody Memorial Library, Jonesport, ME
Peabody Township Library, Peabody, KS
Peacham Library, Peacham, VT
Pearl City Public Library District, Pearl City, IL
Peavey Memorial Library, Eastport, ME
Peck Community Library, Peck, ID
Peck Memorial Library, Marathon, NY
Pedro Bay Village Library, Pedro Bay, AK
Pelham Carnegie Library, Pelham, GA
Pelham Library, Pelham, MA
Pelican Public Library, Pelican, AK
Pembina County Travelling Librarian, Drayton, ND
Pembroke Library, Pembroke, ME
Pembroke Public Library, Pembroke, GA
Pend Oreille County Library District, Newport, WA
Pendleton County Public Library, Franklin, WV
Penn-Kidder Library Center, Inc., Albrightsville, PA
Penrose Community Library, Penrose, CO
Pentwater Township Library, Pentwater, MI
Perquimans County Library, Hertford, NC
Perry County Public Library, Linden, TN
Peru Free Library, Peru, NY
Petersburgh Public Library, Petersburgh, NY
Philip Read Memorial Library, Plainfield, NH
Philippi Public Library, Philippi, WV
Philipsburg Public Library, Philipsburg, MT
Phillips Public Library, Phillips, ME
Phinehas S. Newton Library, Royalston, MA
Phoebe Apperson Hearst Library, Lead, SD
Phoenicia Library Association, Phoenicia, NY
Pickens Public Library, Pickens, MS
Pickett County Library, Byrdstown, TN
Piedmont Library, Piedmont, WV
Pierce Public Library, Pierce, NE
Piermont Public Library, Piermont, NH
Piggott Public Library, Piggott, AR
Pike County Library, Murfreesboro, AR
Pike County Public Library, Petersburg, IN
Pilger Public Library, Pilger, NE
Pima Public Library, Pima, AZ
Pine Plains Free Library, Pine Plains, NY
Pineville Public Library, Pineville, WV
Pinoleville Indian Reservation Tribal Library, Ukiah, CA
Pioneer Memorial Public Library, Harman, WV
Piru Library, Piru, CA
Pittsfield Public Library, Pittsfield, ME
Placitas Community Library, Placitas, NM
Plainfield Public Library, Plainfield, IA
Plains Public Library District, Plains, MT
Plainview Carnegie Library, Plainview, NE
Plainview Schools Library, Sheridan Lake, CO
Platt Memorial Library, Shoreham, VT
Pleasant Lake Elementary Library, Pleasant Lake, IN
Pleasanton Lincoln Library, Pleasanton, KS
Plumas County Library, Quincy, CA
Plymouth Public Library, Plymouth, NE
Pocahontas County Free Libraries, Marlinton, WV
Pocahontas Public Library, Pocahontas, IA
Pojoaque Pueblo Community Library, Pojoaque Pueblo, NM
Polk City Community Library, Polk City, FL
Polk County Library, Mena, AR
Polk County Public Library, Columbus, NC
Polk Public Library, Polk, NE
Polson City Library, Polson, MT
Pomeroy Public Library, Pomeroy, IA
Pomfret Public Library, Pomfret, CT
Pomona Library, Pomona, KS
Ponca Carnegie Library, Ponca, NE
Pond Creek Public Library, Pond Creek, OK
Pontotoc County Library, Pontotoc, MS
Poplarville Public Library, Poplarville, MS
Port Austin Township Library, Port Austin, MI
Port Byron Library, Port Byron, NY
Port Carbon Public Library, Port Carbon, PA
Port Leyden Community Library, Port Leyden, NY
Port Library, Beloit, KS
Port Orford Public Library, Port Orford, OR
Porter Memorial Library, Machias, ME
Poteet Public Library, Poteet, TX
Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library, St. Marys, KS
Potter County Library, Gettysburg, SD
Potterville/Benton Township District Library, Potterville, MI
Pottsboro Area Public Library, Pottsboro, TX
Powell County Public Library, Stanton, KY
Prairie Lea ISD Library, Prairie Lea, TX
Prairie Library, New Raymer, CO
Pratt Memorial Library, New Milford, PA
Prattsburg Free Library, Prattsburgh, NY
Prentiss Public Library, Prentiss, MS
Prescott City Public Library, Prescott, KS
Prescott Public Library, Prescott, IA
Pretty Prairie Public Library, Pretty Prairie, KS
Priest River Public Library, Priest River, ID
Pringle-Morse Consolidated Independent School District, Morse, TX
Priscilla Club Library, Corsica, SD
Proctor Library, Ascutney, VT
Prospect Community Library, Prospect, PA
Public Library Reading Room, South Padre Island, TX
Public Resource Technology Center, Orient, IA
Pueblo de Abiquiu Library & Cultural Center, Abiquiu, NM
Pueblo de Cochiti Community Library, Cochiti, NM
Pueblo of Laguna Library, Laguna, NM
Pulteney Free Library, Pulteney, NY
Puxico Public Library, Puxico, MO
Qualla Boundary Public Library, Cherokee, NC
Quartzsite Public Library, Quartzsite, AZ
Quileute Tribal School Library, LaPush, WA
Quinault Tribal Library, Taholah, WA
Quinhagak School Library, Quinhagak, AK
Quinwood Community Library, Quinwood, WV
Qulin Outreach Library, Qulin, MO
Rabun County Library, Clayton, GA
Radcliffe Public Library, Radcliffe, IA
Rae Hobson Memorial Library, Republic, KS
Ralls County Library, Center, MO
Ramah Elementary School Library, Ramah, NM
Rambler Stop Library, Rutland, SD
Randall Public Library, Randall, KS
Randolph County Library, Pocahontas, AR
Randolph County Public Library, Cuthbert, GA
Randolph-Decker Public Library, Clyde, KS
Rangeley Public Library, Rangeley, ME
Rangely Regional Library, Rangely, CO
Ranger City Library, Ranger, TX
Ransom Memorial Public Library, Altona, IL
Rappahannock County Library, Washington, VA
Ravenna Public Library, Ravenna, NE
Raymond A. Sapp Memorial Township Library, Wyanet, IL
Raymond Village Library, Raymond, ME
Readfield Community Library, Readfield, ME
Reading Community Library, Reading, MI
Reading Room Association of Gouverneur, Gouverneur, NY
Real County Public Library, Leakey, TX
Reardan Memorial Library, Reardan, WA
Red Bud Public Library, Red Bud, IL
Red Creek Free Library, Red Creek, NY
Red Feather Lakes Community Library, Red Feather Lakes, CO
Red Hook Public Library, Red Hook, NY
Red Jacket Community Library, Shortsville, NY
Red Lodge Carnegie Library, Red Lodge, MT
Remington Carpenter Township Public Library, Remington, IN
Renovo Area Public Library, Renovo, PA
Rensselaerville Library, Rensselaerville, NY
Republic Community Library, Republic, PA
Reynoldsville Public Library, Reynoldsville, PA
Riceville Public Library, Riceville, IA
Rich County Library and Bookmobile, Randolph, UT
Rich Creek Public Library, Rich Creek, VA
Rich Hill Memorial Library, Rich Hill, MO
Richburg Colonial Library, Richburg, NY
Richfield Public Library, Richfield, UT
Richfield Township Public Library, Saint Helen, MI
Richland Community Library, Richland, PA
Richmond County Public Library, Warsaw, VA
Richmond Public Library, Richmond, KS
Richmond Public Library, Richmond, NH
Richville Free Library, Richville, NY
Rico Branch Public Library, Rico, CO
Rico Community Library, Palmetto, GA
Ridgeway Public Library, Ridgeway, PA
Ridgway Public Library, Ridgway, CO
Ridgway Public Library, Ridgway, PA
Riegelsville Public Library, Riegelsville, PA
Riley City Library, Riley, KS
Rim Community Library of Heber & Overgaard, Heber, AZ
Rincon Indian Library, Valley Center, CA
Ringtown Area Library, Ringtown, PA
Rio Abajo Community Library, La Joya, NM
Rio Dell Branch Library, Rio Dell, CA
Ripley Free Library, Ripley, NY
Ripley Public Library, Ripley, MS
Ririe Public Library, Ririe, ID
Ritchie County Public Library, Harrisville, WV
Ritzville Library District #2, Ritzville, WA
River of Knowledge Library, Fort Smith, MT
Roachdale-Franklin Township Public Library, Roachdale, IN
Roane County Library, Spencer, WV
Roann Paw Paw Township Public Library, Roann, IN
Roanoke Public Library, Roanoke, IN
Robert M. Bond Memorial Library, Ashland, MS
Robert W. Rowe Public Library, Sheridan, IL
Roberts County Library, Miami, TX
Roberts Free Library, Roberts, IL
Roberts Public Library, Roberts, ID
Robertson County Public Library, Mt. Olivet, KY
Robertson Memorial Library, Higginsville, MO
Robertson Memorial Library, Leyden, MA
Robey Memorial Library, Waukon, IA
Rock Point Elementary Library, Rock Point, AZ
Rock River Branch Library, Rock River, WY
Rockcastle County Public Library, Mt. Vernon, KY
Rockwell City Public Library, Rockwell City, IA
Rocky Boy Public Library, Box Elder, MT
Rocky Ford Public Library, Rocky Ford, CO
Roeliff Jansen Community Library, Hillsdale, NY
Rolfe Public Library, Rolfe, IA
Rolla Public Library, Rolla, ND
Roman L. & Victoria E. Hruska Memorial Public Library, David City, NE
Ronceverte Public Library, Ronceverte, WV
Roodhouse Public Library, Roodhouse, IL
Rosalia Library, Rosalia, WA
Rosalind Keshin Kittay Public Library, Rupert, VT
Roscoe Free Library, Roscoe, NY
Roscommon Area District Library, Roscommon, MI
Rosedale Public Library, Rosedale, MS
Rosiclare Memorial Public Library, Rosiclare, IL
Roslyn Public Library, Roslyn, WA
Round Top Family Library, Round Top, TX
Round Valley Public Library, Covelo, CA
Round Valley Public Library, Eagar, AZ
Rowan Public Library, Rowan, IA
Roxbury Free Library, Roxbury, VT
Roy City Library, Roy, WA
Roy R. Estle Memorial Library, Dallas Center, IA
Royalton Memorial Library, So. Royalton, VT
Royalton Public Library District, Royalton, IL
Royston Public Library, Royston, GA
Rube Sessions Memorial Library, Wells, TX
Ruby Community Library, Ruby, AK
Ruby Pickens Tartt Public Library, Livingston, AL
Rudy Gelnett Memorial Library, Selinsgrove, PA
Rudyard School-Public Library, Rudyard, MI
Rural Retreat Public Library, Rural Retreat, VA
Rushville Public Library, Rushville, NE
Russell County Public Library, Jamestown, KY
Russell Public Library, Russell, KS
Russell Springs Branch Library, Russell Springs, KY
Ruth Suckow Memorial Library, Earlville, IA
Ruth Tabor Memorial Branch Library, South Fork, CO
Ruthven Public Library, Ruthven, IA
Sac City Public Library, Sac City, IA
Saegertown Area Library, Saegertown, PA
Saguache County Public Library, Saguache, CO
Sale City Library, Sale City, GA
Salem County Bookmobile Library, Pilesgrove, NJ
Salem Public Library, Salem, MO
Salem Township Library, Burnips, MI
Salina Public Library, Salina, OK
Salisbury Free Library, Salisbury, NH
Saltsburg Free Library, Saltsburg, PA
Saluda County Library, Saluda, SC
Sam Lapidus Memorial Public Library, Crenshaw, MS
Sammy Brown Public Library, Carthage, TX
Samuel H. Wentworth Library, Center Sandwich, NH
San Juan Southern Paiute Community Library, Tuba City, AZ
San Xavier District Library, Tucson, AZ
Sandwich District Library, Sandwich, IL
Sangerville Public Library, Sangerville, ME
Sanpete Mobile Library, Fairview, UT
Santa Clara Day School Library/Technology Center, Espanola, NM
Santa Clara Pueblo Community Library, Espanola, NM
Santee Tribal Library, Santee, NE
Sardis City Public Library, Sardis City, AL
Sardis Public Library, Sardis, MS
Satre Memorial Library, Milnor, ND
Satsuma Public Library, Satsuma, AL
Savona Free Library, Savona, NY
Savonburg Public Library, Savonburg, KS
Saxonburg Area Library, Saxonburg, PA
Saxton Community Library, Saxton, PA
Sayre Public Library, Sayre, OK
Sayre Public Library, Sayre, PA
Scales Mound Community/School Library (#211), Scales Mound, IL
Schaller Public Library, Schaller, IA
Schleicher County Public Library, Eldorado, TX
Schleswig Public Library, Schleswig, IA
Schoharie Free Library, Schoharie, NY
Schroon Lake Public Library, Schroon Lake, NY
Schuyler County Library District, Lancaster, MO
Schuyler Public Library, Schuyler, NE
Schuylerville Public Library, Schuylerville, NY
Scio Memorial Library, Scio, NY
Scio Public Library, Scio, OR
Scotland Community Library, Scotland, SD
Scotland Public Library, Scotland, CT
Scranton Public Library, Scranton, IA
Screven County Library, Sylvania, GA
Scribner Public Library, Scribner, NE
Seaman Public Library, Seaman, OH
Searcy County Library, Marshall, AR
Seba Dalkai School Library, Winslow, AZ
Sedro-Woolley Public Library, Sedro-Woolley, WA
Selby Township Library District, DePue, IL
Selden Public Library, Selden, KS
Selinsgrove Community Library, Selinsgrove, PA
Selma Public Library, Selma, NC
Seminole County Public Library, Donalsonville, GA
Senatobia Public Library, Senatobia, MS
Senoia Area Library, Senoia, GA
Sequatchie County Public Library, Dunlap, TN
Sesser Public Library, Sesser, IL
Sevier County Library-De Queen, De Queen, AR
Seville Township Public Library, Riverdale, MI
Sewickley Township Public Library, Herminie, PA
Seymour Community Library, Seymour, MO
Shackelford County Library, Albany, TX
Shamrock Public Library, Shamrock, TX
Sharkey-Issaquena County Library, Rolling Fork, MS
Sharon Public Library, Sharon, TN
Sharon Springs Free Library, Sharon Springs, NY
Shattuck Public Library, Shattuck, OK
Shaw Memorial Library, Plainfield, MA
Shaw Public Library, Greenville, ME
Shawneetown Public Library, Shawneetown, IL
Sheffield Public Library, Sheffield, IA
Shelby Public Library, Shelby, NE
Shellsburg Public Library, Shellsburg, IA
Shelton Township Library, Shelton, NE
Sherburne Memorial Library, Killington, VT
Sheridan Public Library, Sheridan, OR
Sherman County Public/School Library, Moro, OR
Sherman Free Library, Port Henry, NY
Sherwood Memorial Library, Doland, SD
Sherwood School Library, Sherwood, ND
Shiawassee County Bookmobile, Corunna, MI
Shiawassee Township Library, Bancroft, MI
Shiner Public Library, Shiner, TX
Shingletown Library Corporation, Shingletown, CA
Shoalwater Bay Tribal Library, Tokeland, WA
Shrewsbury Library, Shrewsbury, VT
Sidney Public Library, Sidney, IA
Sidney Public Library, Sidney, MT
Sierra City Library Station, Sierra City, CA
Sigourney Public Library, Sigourney, IA
Siletz Public Library, Siletz, OR
Silsby Free Public Library, Charlestown, NH
Silver City Public Library, Silver City, IA
Silver Creek Township Library, Silver Creek, NE
Silver Peak Library, Silverpeak, NV
Simla Branch Library, Simla, CO
Simpson Memorial Library, Carmel, ME
Sinte Gleska University Library, Mission, SD
Sioux County Library, Fort Yates, ND
Sioux County Public Library, Harrison, NE
Sisseton Wahpeton Community College Library, Sisseton, SD
Sitting Bull College Library, Fort Yates, ND
Siuslaw Public Library, Florence, OR
Skokomish Indian Nation Library/Learning Center, Shelton, WA
Skowhegan Free Public Library, Skowhegan, ME
Skykomish School Library, Skykomish, WA
Slate Memorial Library, Gill, MA
Sleeper Public Library, Ubly, MI
Slippery Rock Community Library, Slippery Rock, PA
Smith County Public Library, Carthage, TN
Smithville Library, Smithville, GA
Smyrna Public Library, Smyrna, NY
Snake River School Community Library, Blackfoot, ID
Snyder Public Library, Snyder, NE
Sodus Township Library, Sodus, MI
Soldiers Memorial Library, Hiram, ME
South Boston Public Library, South Boston, VA
South Central Area Library, Edgeley, ND
South County Public Library District, Brussels, IL
South Dayton Village Library, South Dayton, NY
South English Public Library, South English, IA
South Hero Community Library, South Hero, VT
South Jefferson Public Library, Summit Point, WV
South Londonderry Free Library, South Londonderry, VT
South New Berlin Free Library, South New Berlin, NY
South St. Landry Community Library, Sunset, LA
Southeast Island School District Bookmobile, Coffman Cove, AK
Southern Area Library, Lost Creek, WV
Southworth Library, Dryden, NY
Spalding Public Library, Spalding, NE
Spangler Branch Library, Lawndale, NC
Spanish Peaks Library District, Walsenburg, CO
Sparta Public Library, Sparta, IL
Spearville Township Library, Spearville, KS
Spencer Library, Spencer, NY
Spillville Public Library, Spillville, IA
Sprague Public Library, Baltic, CT
Spray Public/School Library, Spray, OR
Spring City Public Library, Spring City, PA
Springboro Public Library, Springboro, PA
Springport Free Library, Union Springs, NY
St. Anthony Public Library, St. Anthony, ID
St. Charles Public Library, St. Charles, IA
St. Clair County Library - Lowry City Branch, Lowry City, MO
St. Clair County Library, Osceola, MO
St. Edward Public Library, St. Edward, NE
St. Elmo Public Library, St. Elmo, IL
St. Francisville Library, St. Francisville, IL
St. Ignace Public Library, St. Ignace, MI
St. John Library, St. John, WA
St. Paul School & Community Library, St. Paul Island, AK
Staatsburg Library, Staatsburg, NY
Stallion Springs Public Library, Tehachapi, CA
Stamford Community Library, Stamford, VT
Stamford Village Library, Stamford, NY
Standing Rock Elementary School Library, Fort Yates, ND
Stanley Community Library District, Stanley, ID
Stanley Public Library, Stanley, ND
Stansbury Park Branch Library, Stansbury Park, UT
Stanton County Public Library, Johnson, KS
Star City Branch Library, Star City, AR
Staunton Public Library, Staunton, IL
Steamboat Rock Public Library, Steamboat Rock, IA
Steele Public Library, Steele, MO
Stella Hill Memorial Library, Alto, TX
Stephenson Memorial Library, Greenfield, NH
Stephentown Memorial Library, Stephentown, NY
Sterling County Public Library, Sterling City, TX
Sterling Public School Library, Sterling, OK
Stewart Free Library, Corinna, ME
Stewart Public Library, North Anson, ME
Stigler-Haskell County Public Library, Stigler, OK
Stillwater County Library, Columbus, MT
Stillwater Free Library, Stillwater, NY
Stockton Public Library, Stockton, KS
Stockton Springs Community Library, Stockton Springs, ME
Stockton Township Public Library, Stockton, IL
Stonewall County Library, Aspermont, TX
Stonyford Library, Stonyford, CA
Stratford Public Library, North Stratford, NH
Stratford Public Library, Stratford, IA
Streeter Centennial Library, Streeter, ND
Stromsburg Public Library, Stromsburg, NE
Stroud Public Library, Stroud, OK
Stutsman County Library, Jamestown, ND
Sulligent Public Library, Sulligent, AL
Sullivan County Library, Dushore, PA
Sullivan County Library, Milan, MO
Sullivan Public Library, Sullivan, MO
Summerville Public Library, Summerville, PA
Sumner Public Library, Sumner, IA
Sumpter Township Library, Toledo, IL
Sunderland Public Library, Sunderland, MA
Sunfield District Library, Sunfield, MI
Sunny Hills Public Library, Sunny Hills, FL
Sunshine City Library, Prairie View, KS
Sunshine Hall Free Library, Eldred, NY
Surry Library, Surry, VA
Susanville District Library, Susanville, CA
Sutton Memorial Library, Sutton, NE
Sutton Public Library, Sutton, AK
Sutton Public Library, Sutton, WV
Suttons Bay Bingham District Library, Suttons Bay, MI
Swaledale Public Library, Swaledale, IA
Swan's Island Library, Swan's Island, ME
Swea City Public Library, Swea City, IA
Sweet Home Public Library, Sweet Home, OR
Sweet Springs Public Library, Sweet Springs, MO
Switzerland County Public Library, Vevay, IN
Sylvia Public Library, Sylvia, KS
Syracuse Public Library, Syracuse, NE
T.A. Cutler Memorial Library, St. Louis, MI
Tabor Public Library, Tabor, IA
Tahquamenon Area Public School/Library, Newberry, MI
Talbot County Library, Talbotton, GA
Talkeetna Public Library, Talkeetna, AK
Talmage Public Library, Talmage, NE
Taos Pueblo Day School Library, Taos, NM
TARA Community Library, Arboles, CO
Tarkington Community Library, Inc., Cleveland, TX
Tawakoni Area Public Library, West Tawakoni, TX
Tecumseh Public Library, Tecumseh, NE
Tekoa Library, Tekoa, WA
Ten Sleep Public Library, Ten Sleep, WY
Tensed DeSmet Library, Tensed, ID
Terra Alta Public Library, Terra Alta, WV
Terril Community Library, Terril, IA
Texline Public Library, Texline, TX
Thayer FRC City Library, Thayer, KS
Thelma Dingus Bryant Library, Wallace, NC
Thomaston Public Library, Thomaston, ME
Thomasville Branch Library, Birch Tree, MO
Thomasville Public Library, Thomasville, AL
Thomas-Wilhite Memorial Library, Perkins, OK
Thompson Sawyer Public Library, Quanah, TX
Thornton Public Library, Thornton, IA
Three Forks Community Library, Three Forks, MT
Three Oaks Township Public Library, Three Oaks, MI
Tilton Library, South Deerfield, MA
Timothy C. Hauenstein Reynolds Township Library, Howard City, MI
Tioga Community Library, Tioga, ND
Tipton Public Library, Tipton, IA
Tiptonville Public Library, Tiptonville, TN
Titonka Public Library, Titonka, IA
Tivoli Free Library, Tivoli, NY
Toka NuWan Oyate, Waubay, SD
Toledo Public Library, Toledo, IA
Toluca Public Library District, Toluca, IL
Tombstone City Library, Tombstone, AZ
Tonopah Public Library, Tonopah, NV
Tonto Basin Public Library, Tonto Basin, AZ
Topinabee Public Library, Topinabee, MI
Tornillo Media Center, Inc./Tornillo I.S.D., Tornillo, TX
Toronto Public Library, Toronto, KS
Town & County Library, Clayton, AL
Town of Crawford Free Library, Pine Bush, NY
Town of Inlet Public Library, Inlet, NY
Town of Johnsburg Library, North Creek, NY
Townshend Public Library, Townshend, VT
Tracy City Public Library, Tracy, TN
Traer Public Library, Traer, IA
Trapper Creek Library Association, Trapper Creek, AK
Treat Memorial Library, Livermore Falls, ME
Trenton Branch Library, Trenton, SC
Treutlen County Library, Soperton, GA
Tri-Community Library, Prairie Lea, TX
Tri-County Library, Mabank, TX
Trinidad Branch Library, Trinidad, CA
Trinity County Library - Hayfork Branch, Hayfork, CA
Trinity County Library - Weaverville Branch, Weaverville, CA
Tripoli Public Library, Tripoli, IA
Tripp Public Library, Tripp, SD
Tri-Valley Community Library, Healy, AK
Tri-Valley Free Public Library, Hegins, PA
Troy Branch Library, Troy, MT
Troy Public Library, Troy, AL
Truro Public Library, North Truro, MA
Tuftonboro Free Library, Center Tuftonboro, NH
Tularosa Public Library, Tularosa, NM
Tunbridge Public Library, Tunbridge, VT
Tuolumne County Library, Sonora, CA
Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library, Brundidge, AL
Turkeyfoot Lending Library, Inc., Confluence, PA
Turner Public Library, Turner, ME
Turtle Lake Public Library, Turtle Lake, ND
Turtle Mountain Community College Public Library, Belcourt, ND
Twin Mountain Public Library, Twin Mountain, NH
Tygart Valley Community Library, Mill Creek, WV
Tyler County Public Library-Middlebourne, Middlebourne, WV
Tyner Elementary School Library, Tyner, KY
Tyrrell County Public Library, Columbia, NC
Tyson Library, Versailles, IN
Ukiah Public/School Library, Ukiah, OR
Ulysses Library, Ulysses, PA
Ulysses Philomathic Library, Trumansburg, NY
Ulysses Township Library, Ulysses, NE
Unadilla Community Library, Unadilla, NE
Unadilla Public Library, Unadilla, NY
Underwood Public Library, Underwood, ND
Union County Public Library, Lake Butler, FL
Union County Public Library, Liberty, IN
Union Public Library, Union, MS
Union Springs Public Library, Union Springs, AL
Uniontown Branch Library, Uniontown, WA
Unity District Library, Reese, MI
Unity Free Public Library, Newport, NH
Upham Memorial Library, Fredericksburg, IA
Upper Skagit Library District, Concrete, WA
Upton Branch Library, Upton, WY
Vaiden Public Library, Vaiden, MS
Valier Public Library, Valier, MT
Valley City Barnes County Public Library, Valley City, ND
Valley Falls Free Library, Valley Falls, NY
Valley Head Public Library, Valley Head, WV
Valley of the Tetons District Library, Victor, ID
Valley Public Library, Valley, NE
Valparaiso Public Library, Valparaiso, NE
Van Alstyne Public Library, Van Alstyne, TX
Van Cleave Memorial Library, Centreville, MS
Vance Township Library, Fairmount, IL
Vandergrift Public Library, Vandergrift, PA
Varnum Memorial Library, Jeffersonville, VT
Velva School and Public Library, Velva, ND
Venito Garcia Library and Archives, Sells, AZ
Ventura Public Library, Ventura, IA
Vermillion Public Library, Vermillion, KS
Vermontville Township Library, Vermontville, MI
Vernonia Public Library, Vernonia, OR
Veteran's Memorial Library, Patten, ME
Victor Public Library, Victor, IA
Village Library of Cooperstown, Cooperstown, NY
Village Library of Morris, Morris, NY
Village of Corona Public Library, Corona, NM
Vinita Public Library, Vinita, OK
Viola Public Library District, Viola, IL
Virden Public Library, Virden, NM
Virginia Memorial Public Library, Virginia, IL
Voluntown Public Library, Voluntown, CT
Vonore Public Library, Vonore, TN
Vose Library, Union, ME
W.A. Rankin Memorial Library, Neodesha, KS
Waddington Hepburn Library, Waddington, NY
Wadsworth Library, Geneseo, NY
Wagner Community Library, Falls City, OR
Wagner Public Library, Wagner, SD
Waka Library, Waka, TX
Wakefield Public Library, Wakefield, MI
Wakonda Public Library, Wakonda, SD
Waldoboro Public Library, Waldoboro, ME
Waldport Public Library, Waldport, OR
Waldron District Library, Waldron, MI
Walhalla Public Library, Walhalla, ND
Walker River Paiute Tribe Learning Center, Schurz, NV
Walkerton-Lincoln Township Public Library, Walkerton, IN
Wall Lake Public Library, Wall Lake, IA
Walnut Grove Public Library, Walnut Grove, MS
Walnut Public Library, Walnut, IA
Walnut Public Library, Walnut, KS
Walters Public Library, Walters, OK
Walthill Public Library, Walthill, NE
Walton & Tipton Township Public Library, Walton, IN
Walton Public Library, Walton, WV
Wardensville Community Library, Wardenville, WV
Wardsboro Public Library, Wardsboro, VT
Warner School & Community Library, Warner, SD
Warren County Library, Warrenton, GA
Warren Free Public Library, Warren, ME
Warren P. Sewell Memorial Library, Bremen, GA
Warrenton Community Library, Warrenton, OR
Washakie County Library, Worland, WY
Washburn Memorial Library, Washburn, ME
Washington Library, Washington, KS
Waskom Public Library, Waskom, TX
Waterboro Public Library, East Waterboro, ME
Waterford Library Association, Waterford, ME
Waters Memorial Library, Underhill, VT
Waterville Public Library, Waterville, IA
Waterville Public Library, Waterville, KS
Waucoma Public Library, Waucoma, IA
Wauneta Public Library, Wauneta, NE
Waurika Public Library, Waurika, OK
Waveland-Brown Township Public Library, Waveland, IN
Waverly Free Library, Waverly, NY
Waverly Public Library, Waverly, IL
Wayland Free Library, Wayland, NY
Wayne City Public Library, Wayne City, IL
Wayne County Library, Waynesboro, TN
Wayne Public Library, Wayne, WV
Waynesboro-Wayne County Library, Waynesboro, MS
Webb Public Library, Webb, IA
Webster County Public Library, Eupora, MS
Webster County Public Library, Preston, GA
Webster Memorial Library, Wentworth, NH
Wedsworth Memorial Library, Cascade, MT
Weeks Public Library, Greenland, NH
Weeping Water Public Library, Weeping Water, NE
Weimar Public Library, Weimar, TX
Weippe Public Library, Weippe, ID
Weir Public Library, Weir, KS
Weiser Public Library, Weiser, ID
Weld Free Public Library, Weld, ME
Weldon Public Library District, Weldon, IL
Weller Public Library, Waitsburg, WA
Wells Library, Wells, NY
Wells Memorial Library, Upper Jay, NY
Wellston Community Library, Wellston, OK
Wellsville Public Library, Wellsville, MO
Wendell Free Library, Wendell, MA
Wessington Public Library, Wessington, SD
West Bend Public Library, West Bend, IA
West Bonner Library District, Priest River, ID
West Custer County Library District, Westcliffe, CO
West Dennis Free Public Library, West Dennis, MA
West Frankfort Public Library, West Frankfort, IL
West Glacier Elementary School Library, West Glacier, MT
West Lebanon-Pike Township Public Library, West Lebanon, IN
West Public Library, West, MS
West Rutland Free Library Corporation, West Rutland, VT
West Salem Public Library, West Salem, IL
West Stockbridge Public Library, West Stockbridge, MA
West Union District Library, West Union, IL
West Warren Public Library, West Warren, MA
Western Town Library, Westernville, NY
Westernport Public Library, Westernport, MD
Westfield Public Library, Westfield, PA
Westford Public Library, Westford, VT
Westgate Public Library, Westgate, IA
Westminster West Public Library, Westminster West, VT
Westmoreland Public Library, Westmoreland, NH
Westmorland Branch Library, Westmorland, CA
Weston County Library, Newcastle, WY
Weston Public Library, Weston, OR
Westport Library Association, Westport, NY
Westville Public Library District, Westville, IL
Westwood Community Library, Westwood, CA
Wetmore Community Library, Wetmore, CO
Wetmore Public Library, Wetmore, KS
Whale Pass Community Library, Ketchikan, AK
Wharton County Library, Wharton, TX
Wheatland Township Library, Remus, MI
White Bird Community Library, White Bird, ID
White County Public Library, Sparta, TN
White County Public Library, Sparta, TN
White Eagle Library, Ponca City, OK
White Lake Community Library, White Lake, SD
White Pigeon Township Library, White Pigeon, MI
White Pine County Library, Ely, NV
White Pine County Library-Bookmobile, Ely, NV
White Pine Public Library, White Pine, TN
White Sulphur Springs Public Library, White Sulphur Springs, WV
Whitefish Township Community Library, Paradise, MI
Whitesboro Public Library, Whitesboro, TX
Whitesville Public Library, Whitesville, NY
Whitetop Public Library, Whitetop, VA
Whitewater Memorial Library, Whitewater, KS
Whitman County Rural Library, Colfax, WA
Whitman Memorial Library, Bryant Pond, ME
Whitmore School/Community Library, Whitmore, CA
Whitneyville Library, Whitneyville, ME
Whittemore Public Library, Whittemore, IA
Wide Awake Club Library, Fillmore, NY
Wilcox Public Library, Wilcox, PA
Wilder Memorial Library, Weston, VT
Will Rogers Library, Claremore, OK
William B. Harlan Memorial Library, Tompkinsville, KY
William B. Ogden Free Library, Walton, NY
William K. Kohrs Memorial Library, Deer Lodge, MT
William Paton Public Library, Paton, IA
Williams Public Library, Williams, IA
Williamsburg County Library - Hemingway, Hemingway, SC
Williamsburg Public Library, Williamsburg, IA
Williamsburg Public Library, Williamsburg, PA
Williamsfield Public Library District, Williamsfield, IL
Williston Branch Library, Williston, SC
Willow Creek Library, Willow Creek, CA
Willow Lake Community Museum-Library, Willow Lake, SD
Willow Springs Public Library, Willow Springs, MO
Willows Public Library, Willows, CA
Wilmington E.M. Cooper Memorial Public Library, Wilmington, NY
Wilson Free Library, Wilson, NY
Wilson Memorial Library, Keota, IA
Wilsonville Public Library, Wilsonville, NE
Winchester Public Library, Winchester, KS
Windber Public Library, Windber, PA
Windfall Library, Windfall, IN
Windham Public Library, Windham, NY
Windsor Public Library, Windsor, VT
Winfield Public Library, Winfield, TN
Winn Parish Library, Winnfield, LA
Winnebago Tribal Library, Winnebago, NE
Winona-Montgomery County Public Library, Winona, MS
Winside Public Library, Winside, NE
Winslow Public Library, Winslow, AZ
Winter Harbor Public Library, Winter Harbor, ME
Winthrop Public Library, Winthrop, AR
Winthrop Public Library, Winthrop, IA
Wiscasset Public Library, Wiscasset, ME
Wisdom Center, The, Merino, CO
Wisner Public Library, Wisner, NE
Witherle Memorial Library, Castine, ME
Witt Township Memorial Library, Witt, IL
Woden Public Library, Woden, IA
Wolf Creek Library, Wolf Creek, OR
Wolfe City Public Library, Wolfe City, TX
Wood Place Public Library, California, MO
Woodruff Community Library, Woodruff, AZ
Woodville Public Library, Woodville, AL
Woonsocket Public Library, Woonsocket, SD
Worcester Free Library, Worcester, NY
Worth County Library, Grant City, MO
Worthington Library, Worthington, MA
Worthington-Jefferson Township Public Library, Worthington, IN
Wray Public Library, Wray, CO
Wregie Memorial Library, Oxford Junction, IA
Wren Public Library, Aberdeen, MS
Wright County Library, Hartville, MO
Wyalusing Public Library, Wyalusing, PA
Wymore Public Library, Wymore, NE
Wyndmere Public Library, Wyndmere, ND
Wynn Habersham School Library, Duff, TN
Wyola School/Community Library, Wyola, MT
Wyoming Free Library, Wyoming, NY
Wyoming Public Library District, Wyoming, IL
Wysox Township Library, Milledgeville, IL
Yakama Nation Library, Toppenish, WA
Yale Public Library, Yale, MI
Yampa Public Library, Yampa, CO
Yarbrough Public School Library, Goodwell, OK
Yatesville Public Library, Yatesville, GA
York Township Public Library, Thomson, IL
Yorktown Public Library, Yorktown, TX
Youngtown Public Library, Youngtown, AZ
Yreka Library, Yreka, CA
Yuma Public Library, Yuma, CO
Yutan Public Library, Yutan, NE
Zadoc Long Free Library, Buckfield, ME
Zearing Public Library, Zearing, IA
Zeeland Public School Library, Zeeland, ND
Zenda Public Library, Zenda, KS

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